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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I just wrote a script to cut down on publishing time on the daily Source Code shows. Now when I'm done recording I drop the finished file into a special folder on my desktop, this triggers an applescript that does the following:

Change name to dailySourceCode+today's date. Add id3 tags. Upload to server. Create a blog post via metaWeblog api to Radio UserLand. Delete desktop file. Tell me if it worked.

Amazing all the steps I used to make to publish the show! This script will work with OSX and any weblog software that understands the metaWeblog api

9:22:44 PM    

The Daily Source Code: mp3
9:14:33 PM    

Erik de Vlieger heeft ook een weblog: "Informatie is het beste middel om de calvinistische Hollanders te vertellen dat ik een echte kerel wil zijn met een trotse mening en het gevoel dat mijn tomeloze ambitie vanuit een eerlijk emotie opborrelt."

Welkom Erik.

Nu Joep nog en we hebben een Hattrick heren!

2:38:06 PM    

mp3 9.8 mb, 21 minutes

2:21:04 PM    

I spent a few hours tinkering with the ShowCenter multi media box last night and discovered that the accompanied 'streaming server' software, that only runs on Windows, is no more than an http server and a media database. Even better, I found that hitting the 'c' button on the remote brings up a url entry bar, yes!

I spent some time making my own webpages with links to video and audio files, I also tried out several alternative servers built specifically for this use, none of them are quite as good as the supplied software though.

I'm now hunting around for multi media jukebox software that runs on osx. and makes all content via http.

12:16:02 PM    

Freedom of speech, Olympic style: The International Olympic Committee is barring competitors, as well as coaches, support personnel and other officials, from writing firsthand accounts for news and other websites.

12:03:50 PM    

Real Live Preacher: "And so faith is closing your eyes and following the breath of your soul down to the bottom of life, where existence and nonexistence have merged into irrelevance. All that matters is the little part you play in the vast drama."

12:03:34 PM    

I knew I'd have to concoct it eventually after I witnessed the ease of subscribing to my Manila-based aggregator by simply dragging a url from Safari to a folder on my desktop.

And indeed, this morning I created the reverse of that script. Now, when I run accross a feed in the LogLezer that needs to be removed, I just drag and drop the url into an Unsub folder.

I'm still contemplating if this should result in an automatic blogpost as it does with a new subscription.

12:03:13 PM    

For an old radio guy, Jonathan Marks did an excellent job of video blogging the demolition of a massive radio tower in the Netherlands: "No-one knew if the tower would land in one piece, or buckle as it went down."

8:58:13 AM    


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