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Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Error deleting files on linux3.userland.com: "We haven't written tcp.ftp.delete yet." 7:59:44 PM

Steven Vore: "Should we assume that 'Dave's Handsome Radio Blog' is being created with Radio 7.1? It's a great advertisement, in itself, for the whole KM/developer group notes/blogging throughout the day deal. I'm using Radio 7.0 to create outlines of a (huge) collection of web apps I've inherited, partially in an attempt to keep my sanity while I try to wrap my arms around all this 'shtuff' I've been given and partially in hopes that the next person to join the team won't have the same troubles. DHRB has pushed my 'hey, what if I did that' button and I'm seeing the whole project-documentation picture change before my eyes. Mind bomb."

DW: "Yes, this is a Radio 7.1 blog."

3:22:20 PM

Puzzle. Watch system.temp.radio.stats.agentsTicks while the thread is running. The number for upstreamChangedFiles sometimes updates three times in each pass. I've stepped through radio.thread.script in the debugger to try to understand how this can happen, but it makes no sense to me. It often does it three times. This pisses me off because it triples the cost since it clearly is scanning three times! No, I've gotta figure out why it's doing this. 11:36:55 AM

radio.thread.script can be smarter about going to sleep. If it sees that there's work queued up for it to do, it can just loop around to the top and do another pass. An example of this is the writing of directory.opml. The need to do this is detected by the upstreamer, and it adds an item to system.temp.radio.recentlyChangedFolders, which will be picked up by radio.thread.agents.saveChangedDirectories. There may be other ways for the thread to see that it has more work to do and not go to sleep at all. How I'll do this. A new global, system.temp.radio.misc.flThreadSleeps, set on each pass in radio.thread.script, it can be turned off by any code that runs in an agent. This keeps the dirty details out of radio.thread.script. 10:33:04 AM

After it writes out the files, immediately kick the thread in the butt. Wake up! Go to work. No bitches with one hand on the hip and a pinky in the corner of the mouth. You have work to do dear thread. No lollygagging allowed. 1. 10:29:56 AM

Next change. Trick the upstreamer into doing "index" first. The goal is to make it more likely that when you click on Home on the DWHP that it will already be updated. If index is moved to the front of the list, that becomes more likely. Why should it wait for the other two files? It shouldn't. Testing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 9:52:57 AM

OK, back to upstreaming school. The foundation is laid. All upstreaming goes through a single bottleneck. Now to get clever about waking the bottleneck up. 9:27:10 AM

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