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 jeudi 17 janvier 2002

Buzz Bruggeman: "The guys at UserLand, i.e. are really on to something with Radio 8.0. It allows you to create your own Weblog, and they will provide you both the software and the hosting for $39.95 per month". Actually it's $39.95 per YEAR!

Doc Searls: "Here's one of my favorite lines from my wife, who is the smartest businessperson I know: never bet against your customers. "

Full JLG chronicles on French newspaper

A Silicon Valley funeral for Be Inc: "Gassee was fond of pointing out that a PC could reboot into BeOS in less time than it took to launch Internet Explorer from a standing start".

What SGML Can Teach Us About XML & the Web. "In a CMS Watch interview, Betty Harvey mentions the thing that made HTML and later, XML, click for me: Actually, it reminds me of working with [Corel] WordPerfect. People who worked with WordPerfect loved it, because one of the things you could do in WordPerfect..." [More Like This WebLog]

The Bootstrap Institute was "conceived by Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart to further his lifelong career goal of boosting any organization's ability to successfully address problems that are complex and urgent. It is along this chosen career path that he became a prominent pioneer of the digital age early in life, garnering fame through his invention of the ubiquitous computer mouse and other inventions and innovations". Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware

Ping Identity (PingID) is "an open, principles based digital identity project focused on ensuring that the rights and privileges we enjoy with our real world identities are not lost, changed or abused with respect to our digital identities. We stand for personal choice, privacy, security and control while ensuring maximum interoperability, openness, accessibility and an adherence to open standards".

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