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 dimanche 20 janvier 2002

Interview de JLG par Stéphane Biz Gigandet. Stéphane j'avais oublié que tu l'avais rencontré! Tiens à propos, j'suis passé à l'école cet après-midi, y'avait les Intercentrales: Nantes, 3ème, Lyon vainqueur... Faites du sport, il vous en restera toujours quelquechose!

Jean-Louis Gassée: "Voltaire said he'd die to defend my right to express ideas, especially those of mine most abhorrent to him. Who are we to go back and abridge freedom of speech on the net? What's next? Books, blasphemy?"

Karl about Radio. Radio went into the trash after 20 minutes, not so bad, so Radio is really fast to set up, but also fast to remove. nice Karl works for the W3C and is responsible for "standards conformance", so he's not happy when he sees html tables... Can I note that CSS for layouts... suck? Can I also note that all weblog posts that Radio generate in html are also generated in rss.... ready to be processed by softwares? That is what Xhtml tries to push (and could make hundreds of years to do). Karl, don't shoot into a company that is working hard to push concretely the standards you try to establish. By the way, do you enjoy your new life in Montreal?

Doc has loved Amélie Poulain! "I've still got the warm fuzzies half an hour after leaving Amélie, which is simply one of the best movies I have ever seen. I'm sitting here struggling to think of a movie I've enjoyed more. I may eventually; but right now I can't. It's a sweet, deep, lovely, complex, original, inventive, perfectly crafted piece of work". Amélie for the Oscar!!!

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