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 vendredi 18 janvier 2002

Oscar Watch: The foreign flavor: Amélie. "Winner of the Toronto Int'l Film Festival's People Choice Award, this romantic comedy has been getting all kinds of wonderful reviews, mostly for its fresh new face, Audrey Tautou. Tatou plays Amelie, a quirky girl who finds a box belonging to someone else and decides she can change the lives of others by subtly altering their worlds".

UserLand's Winer: All roads lead to Web services

Want to hear JLG's voice on the web? Ask him to start his weblog.

X days remaining before JLG starts his much wanted personal weblog. ( with X small??)

Tsja on Radio: "After a start in French, Jean-Yves switched to English. Hélas! I could use some practice." No, no, look! I've just created a new category like you, for the French posts. update: Je suis vraiment naze, je poste un premier message dans la catégorie spéciale messages en Français, et je l'écris en anglais ! Bon voilà c'est réparé.

BigFix, Inc. has a Talented and Experienced Executive Team JLG on board

Microsoft Windows XP, The face of the new Windows: real and inviting to the touch

New JLG chronicle: La lampe magique du beau Steve (Google english translation): "I could not yet test the iMac in spite of my efforts. As I am not the only one, I await with patience the availability on the racks of Fry' S or those of the APPLE store of my village."

"VAIENCE is a Californian HR company, connecting high potential European high tech professionals and leading US companies". Jean-Louis Gassée, Member and advisor.

Jean-Louis Gassée has served on the board of directors of 3Com Corporation since 1993.

Moose Vacation Hello Moose. Wake up!

Squeak is "an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change".

The obsession of coding! : "Programming, coding, scripting, defining rules - however you want to describe it. It is a basic part of being literate. David is right; too bad so many people only see it as a dry mechanical task".

The Joy of Coding: "So few of my peers in their late 40s and 50s get a chance to think and sculpt in code anymore. It's too bad. Back when I was a VP and Chief Scientist at Lotus, I tried to make sure I spent 50% of my time doing technical work, just to keep my knowledge current - and 20% coding. How can you manage people, and organize complex projects, without knowing intimately how it feels to create?"

Brigitte Gassée on "You'll find my latest paintings in the Photo Gallery as well as information on myself, my work, my goals". "AxKit has recently become an official Apache project under the XML projects umbrella. Please bear with us while we make the transition over to and move our mailing lists over there." I don't think it's fresh news but i'm not sure.

Have you noticed that 2002 is a palindrome year ? It depends on your language but in French watch out for the 20-02-2002. You can wait a long time before we live such another palindrome date. (wow, I am so boring! )

Dave: "JY Stervinou is blogging Jean-Louis Gassee, our friend and spiritual uncle, and former UserLand board member".  I didn't know that!!

email to category script

Are you JLG? Are you very very busy? Are you willing to run a Weblog but you don't have time to set up one? Cool! Then go there : Radio Userland. Download the set up quickly. You'll be posting your first hello world in less than 5 minutes.

Jean-Louis Gassee Named President & CEO of CATC: "I am very excited about joining CATC at this stage of its development. The company has an outstanding team, a large and loyal customer base, and an excellent reputation for quality products, customer service, and innovation in the IT industry. Importantly, CATC has been using its strong balance sheet to make strategic investments that will position the company to build on its leadership in the digital communications protocol marketplace when IT spending growth resumes."

"Computer Access Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: CATZ), popularly called CATC ("cat-see"), enables global connectivity, including Broadband Internet Access, Wireless Communications and Plug & Play Device Connectivity".

JLG's New Job - It's Not Palm: "To stop all the rumour-mongering about JLG going to Palm, here's a little news bit submitted by Galley_SimRacer in the forums. JLG will be heading up Computer Access Technology Corp, as reported by MercuryCenter/News".

Biographies : Jean-Louis Gassée

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