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 vendredi 1 février 2002

WSJ's $28 Million Renovation: "What they don't tell you in that IBM commercial is the one server it was replaced with cost more than all the others combined."

O'Reillynet: Cocoa for your Python?

Philip Greenspun: "After the disappointments of the late 1990s, who has time to bother looking at what a small company is doing? Think about yourself. Do you spend time surfing the Web sites of tiny companies looking for innovation? Or do you check out and and then go home for an evening of relaxation? This is a very difficult time for a new company to be getting the attention of customers, workers, or investors. " Do I spend time surfing the Web sites of tiny companies looking for innovation? Look up, on the right. Is it a big company?!...

OK it's old news now... Be founder Jean-Louis Gassee steps down: "Also in the statement, Gassee said Be's board of directors was considering whether filing an antitrust suit against Microsoft Corp. would both be viable and serve to maximize stockholder value."

Strange... This site isn't first anymore in Google when you search for "gassee". In fact I can't find it at all in Google now. Strange. It's not the first time I see Google reset some site indexes. But luckily they reappears later. Can anyone explain this?

Today's JLG chronicle: Enron, la trahison des clercs (Google English translation). "Let us examine some within the competences of the bankruptcy - Enron scandal, and decide then. I pass on the political world, wet on the left (Democratic) like on the right (Republican). We lean rather on countable acrobatics. I will try to dismount one of the mechanisms used by Enron to dissimulate one moment the state of his finances, we will pass then to the accomplices, the clerks of the title, to finish on a note of hope." (Google translation...)

JLG chronicle: AOL-Microsoft, fin de la guerre froide? (Google English translation). About Microsoft, AOL, .NET, WMa, and the increasing power of a state in the state.

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