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 lundi 4 février 2002

Regarding the discussion with Karl and Biz about XHTML and CSS for layouts (bad sum up: tables are bad, but CSS is hard to implement), I was wondering if there were a simple tool which acts as a proxy, and rewrites html files on the fly to XHTML. Such a tool would be very useful for people with disabilities who use special browsers. I haven't found any tool like this. If you know one tell me. Here is a solution which involves existing tools:

  • Squid as the proxy.
  • Tidy as the cleaner (html to xhtml + cleaning)
  • Something to link Squid and tidy. I don't know what yet, but maybe someone can help? (But maybe a single Perl script could act as the proxy server and call Tidy)
I can add that I tried Tidy tonight. I applied it on a fat page. Ramdomly I chose ScriptingNews homepage .
With this command:
tidy --output-xhtml true --clean true -m scripting.html
the resulting transformed page still doesn't validate with the W3C html validation service. So I'm confused with the fact that Tidy doesn't produce 100% comformed XHTML1.0. Strange. Do I miss something?
Anyone can help?

NetWorker 12/1996: "Forward-thinking, forthright and gracious, Jean-Louis Gassée is a man of vision and determination."

Hello Murphy!

Apache XML project releases Xerces 2.0.0. Xerces 2 for Java, the Apache XML Project's second generation XML parser, has now finished its beta phase and is considered production quality. [xmlhack]

Testing a new Web Service:
Hello Jean-Yves, you look great today. You have 45 new emails waiting for you (42 are crap), the weather is cloudy, and today's Murphy index is 2/10.
Of course, just kidding, this was not the result of a web service call. Did I fool someone?! No?! OK, I'll come back with better jokes some day. hi hi hi hi hi

Doc points to Parisian Radio FG. They have a very impressive website about the MP3 streaming here:

The last post about building WebServices in Radio Userland went into my When XML meets Simplicity weblog.

This is a screenshot of my macOS X terminal with a python script calling the Radio WebService. Guess what... It worked


Here is a Web Service built in 23 seconds (maybe 24): Hello Jean-Yves!

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