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  Saturday, January 12, 2002

enough! good night, radioland.
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themes. thanks, dave, for pointing out the docs. i'm reading up, and starting to lay out some ideas ... which i'll bounce off some faithful readers. i wonder how popular a natassja-kinski-and-the-snake theme would be? [pfft.]
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aw, man ... i can edit each category's template [look under 'help']. i can make 'politics' look like the new york times, 'bizarre' look like the weekly world news ...
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the 'time factor' of weblogging has bugged me for a while now. things posted two weeks ago are largely forgotten, clumsy search engines and voluminous general archives have been the only way to fish for individual posts. for political storylines in particular, i've gotten quite frustrated in my inability to find posts on my own damned weblog in a swift and efficient manner.

xml categories'll make that job easier. i've only just begun categorizing my interests ... i've got 19 so far, with more to come; not all are rendering to html yet. i don't want so many as to be a burden, yet i want to break down the sum total of my posts into easily manageable chunks.

the little table on the right is just prodding the creative urge. as my categories fill up with more posts, i'll add more to the table.

[feel free to reuse the icons, btw.]
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almost forgot. i'm surprised none of the beta testers have checked out the 'photos' section in the radio-dev group. never know what you'll find there ...
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my brother dan, in his spare time, models uber-realistic remote-control tanks. his tank club needs radio. dan? you been watching all this radio stuff? give me a call and we'll talk. i'll do a theme for you, for your tank club.

that's dan on the tank. a little photoshop fun.
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seeing all these new radioblogs aggregating, i see i'm out of a job (as hyperlinker) sooner than i thought. time to plan some theme-building ...
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if you're as big a fan of mr. beckman as i am, you simply *have* to check this out ...
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jim roepcke has a list of 'old school' frontier programmers who are playing with radio. [snagged from scripting news]

following 'the macintosh way' again, this means 'the cult' of frontier is testing the waters, positively. we all saw some leading lights from the larger weblogging world dipping their toes in ... how long before the entire 'weblog cult' embraces radio?

the big question is, do they have to? radio weblogs popped up last night like dandelions after a rainstorm. as i stated before, this product has that elusive quality known as 'mass appeal.'

radio's the volkswagen beetle. simple advertising, done well, will take it a long way. my mind overflows with ideas. i'll have to cobble up a story, and make a list ...
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okay, oh-great-naysayers who emailed me yesterday. do you still think the statement "there's a glow about it, and it's not just marketing hype." is over the top?
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this what, my fourth/fifth day using radio, and i'm already getting picked up in google (scroll down).
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good morning!
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