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Sunday, April 7, 2002

Giants off to best start in 72 years!

The San Francisco Giants can't win all 162 games this year. Can they? Detroit Tigers GM Phil Garner said the other day that his team couldn't lose all 162, but that remains in doubt, too. The Giants picked up their sixth consecutive win and they are the only unbeaten team left in major league baseball. This time, they did it with Barry on the bench!

Yeah, the wins have come at the expense of the hapless Dodgers and the hap-free (what's worse than "hapless"?) Padres. But the Dodgers have good pitching and the Giants out-scored the dreaded men in blue 29-2 in three games to start the year. They showed no signs of letting up today (Sunday, 4/7).

The thing I like is that the Giants are doing it with every aspect of the game: pitching (Livan threw a complete gamer Sunday), hitting (even by the pitchers), fielding and running. The team is in its own zone.

I love this game! Discuss
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