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Monday, April 8, 2002

PythonCard Already Better Developed than Revolution

OK, the headline is a little misleading. But for the class of applications I want to build, Revolution, a commercial product, is not nearly so far along as the early pre-release alpha prototype of PythonCard I get to use and help develop every day.

I tried to build a simple Revolution stack (it's a HyperCard descendant, so it uses the stack concept) that would just open a Web page and render its text. First effort led to the page's HTML being displayed. Then I found the htmlText property and it displayed some of the HTML fine. But most of it was broken and the links on the page didn't work. Very klunky.

In PythonCard, I just put an htmlWindow into an application window, linked up a button and a text field for the URL, and told it to go do its thing. Voila!

I think this is another indicator: if you're not Microsoft or maybe IBM/Sun with Java, development tool makers don't stand a chance against good Open Source projects.
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