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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I am not listening to the State of the Union address tonight. I think I last listened when George I was in office. George I provided a long list of programs to support. My response was "this sounds great, but is who was going to pay for them". It turns out that no one paid for them and they weren't implemented.

Since then, I have learned to not care about what the President says, I know that he is going to lie to me. He will say great things, but he won't implement them. I've been down that road already.

So, I will laugh in contempt of the latest "lie to the union" address. The President will address us, and he will make promises, but he will not follow through.

And this year, that is actually good.
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A standard definition of a weblog is a series of posts in "reverse chronologic order". I can't give you a reference here because the standard online reference sites don't have a definition for "weblog"

But, as a geologist, I understand "reverse chronologic order". Reverse chronologic order is youngest on top and older as you go down. This is a stratigraphic order. Younger deposits bury older deposits, so you get progressively older as you dig down. Weblogs provide a stratigraphic view the world today.

It would be nice if the weblog folks acknowledge those who have gone before them. The Earth has been recording events in reverse chronologic order for over 3.8 billion years. The oldest weblog is the Earth.
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I have added two new macros to the ESD plugin. They allow you to generate a list of Manila sites that are under your domain and hosted by ES Designs.

The first macro, siteList, generates a list of all the Manila sites under your domain. Sites are listed with your top site first and then all subsites in alphabetic order.

The second macro, lastUpdatedList, generates a list of recently updated Manila sites under your domain. Sites are listed in stratigraphic order (youngest or most recently updated first).

For more information go to ES Designs News.
4:22:22 PM    
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