Saturday, February 22, 2003
test reported bug

Test test test.

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Thanks for the link, Dave.

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here we go...

I'd like to announce the general availability of MailEdit 1.0.0 release candidate 1.

What is MailEdit? MailEdit is a Mail-to-Weblog callback tool that allows remote posting of entries to your Radio-managed weblog. In addition to the basic Mail-to-Weblog functionality built in to Radio, MailEdit allows you to:

  • add titles to your posts
  • route a post to multiple categories
  • edit a post after it has been submitted
  • attach an image to a post
  • recieve notification that a post has been completed

I've been using MailEdit to do almost all of the posting to my weblog of late. I post from the email system at work, and from my SideKick.

If you wish to be able to update your weblog from anywhere, MailEdit is your tool.

It is available from

As with all tools, download it to Radio's Tools folder, and wait for Radio to notice it. If you wish, restarting Radio should pick it up immediately.

If you have already installed MailEdit, you may just use the "Refresh Code..." command in the MailEdit tools menu. If that menu selection is not available, you should just download the tool from the URL above.

All necessary configuration can be done from the MailEdit prefs page, available at

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as a way of endorsement

I just want to note that with maybe two exceptions, all the posts I've made over the last couple of weeks has been via MailEdit. Eating my own dogfood has been an enlightening experience. Nothing like being burned by your own bugs to get you to fix them.

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brake lights

I can't decide if I like the picture to be to the right or the left. It looks cool to the right, but the text wraps in a straighter line on the left. You could also fake illuminated letters by pushing the image to the left.

Close close close. If my friend thinks the tool is shippable, I'll announce release candidate 1.

If you updated now, you'd get it, but since I have few regular readers, it's safe to say so. I'll post a pointer on Radio-Dev and Radio-Userland when it's time.

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One of the cool things about testing this tool is that it gives me an excuse to post pictures. Some of them are cooler than I'd suspected them to be, like this road picture.

I like driving. It was fun doing the road trip to Portland to buy the PowerBook, but it left me in a weird mood the rest of the day.

I'm not sure that time-shifting is the chief cause of jet lag. I've had days where I flew to the Bay Area in the morning, and then back in the evening, and even though I never had to change my sleep times, I felt weird. There's just something about moving the body long distances, something about the process.

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I've ignored technorati since now. I just checked it out again, and saw that I had been mentioned in a few other places. Most of it was people echoing my press release/call for testers on the radio-dev list. But some were nice comments. Pretty cool.

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