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  Wednesday, October 19, 2005

George W. Bush on Harriet Miers:

Asked point-blank whether she was the most qualified person in the country to serve on the high court, Bush said, "Yes. Otherwise, I wouldn't have put her on."

The New Republic on Harriet Miers:

Let's take as the standard, then, arguably the least qualified justice currently on the Court: Clarence Thomas. Thomas went to Yale Law School, served as the assistant attorney general of Missouri, held a variety of civil rights posts in the Reagan administration, and spent a year on the D.C. federal appeals court before he was nominated for the Supreme Court. Miers, on the other hand, has a law degree from Southern Methodist University, went on to head the Texas bar association, and held the high office of chairman of the state lottery commission. Does Clarence Thomas know anything about bingo? We think not.

(Via Brendan Nyhan.)

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STUPENDOUS new Nasa video of all 21 hurricanes (long-fast-QT)

(Via robot wisdom weblog.)

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Fox News Pushing “Criminalization of Politics” Talking Point

To spread this talking point across the nation, the right has received a major assist from Fox News. According to a database search, every single television reference to the CIA leak scandal as the “criminalization of politics” in the last 30 days has been on Fox. Even more stunning: on every occassion, the phrase was introduced into the segment by a Fox News anchor or correspondent, never by a guest.

(Via Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite To Stupid.)

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Dione perched in front of Saturn. Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI. Click to enlarge.
Oct 18, 2005 - On October 11, 2005, Cassini flew within 500 km (310 miles) of the surface of Dione; one of Saturn's moons. Like many of Saturn's moons, Dione shows a heavily cratered surface, and unusual streaks in the terrain that dominates one whole hemisphere of the moon. Cassini found evidence that Dione's surface is covered by fractures, which run in roughly parallel lines; these are interrupted by larger bright features. Scientists are working with the data to compositional maps of Dione's surface.

(Via Universe Today.)

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