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  Thursday, October 10, 2002

A picture named AKMADoc33.jpg"Trusted Bloggers"

Two trusted bloggers working at DIDW.

When I saw this picture Frank took of AKMA and Doc.  The title just leaped out. Sorry. I  couldn't help myself. Photo by: Frank Paynter (snagged without permission)

And while this is happening... Gary Turner reports:  7:04pm - OK, there's this guy sitting in a navy blue Volvo estate outside my house and I think he's trying to get onto the network.   "Untrusted?"

5:27:40 PM Google It!     

BitChar-G Honda or Cyclona by Tomy

Zoom Zoom Zoom - Revenge of the BitChar-G

Jenny mentioned she was considering heading toward the Radio Shack today.  She's quoted Lauderbeck's Bench Test article on the RS: MicroCar. (For those of you living the dark recently, go read the articles and come back here.) For what it's worth, I have to confess Doug and I bought a couple of the Tomy BitChar-G cars. We got these little darlings over at the LA County Fair the other night and it's been a riot around here every since. (Mine is like the one on the left) We take them everywhere. They're even good exercise for Andy.

Well it turns out a friend/neighbors the importer. So here's a special offer to any of you who may want one-- or two.  We can get the real BitChar-G cars if we buy a case of 24-48 at a time. (I suspect there are some of you who want them.) These cars are the pre-assembled models with the 2.6 high speed turbo motors in one of 4 radio frequencies (so you can race up to four at once,) and the remote for $20 each. Shipping via USPS included. The only catch is we have no choice of color or body style, because we have to take a case at a time. If you need to a certain frequency, let me know. If I get enough interest, I'll set up the Paypal account and start shipping them out. If you are game, Click Here or Tiny Yellow Envelope on the left column and let me start making a list.

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Moline Public Hospital Goes Down

A picture named MPH1s.jpg

A picture named MPH2s.jpg

A picture named MPH3s.jpg

A picture named MPH4s.jpg


Photos by Terry Herbic, Moline Daily Dispatch


Yesterday explosions lit up the bottom of the old Moline Public Hospital Building. Wednesday morning demolition crews set off a series of explosions.(left photo). The building progressively crumbles into a pile of dust in the following photos. I was born in this hospital over 45 years ago. Editors note: Oops! Wrong order. Sorry! I corrected it.

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