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Saturday, January 17, 2004


Alf makes grabbing MP3 URLs really easy!

Alf makes grabbing MP3 URLs really easy!.

m3u generator bookmarklet. Alf Eaton has come up with a m3u generator bookmarklet which will harvest the links to mp3s on a page  you're viewing in the browser and give you a playlist. Drag that last link to your links bar, and try it on this page of songs from Les Ogres de Barback or this page of songs from the klezmer band Sirba (found thanks to Lucas).

[Seb's Open Research]


Coolio - once again Alf is leading the way!  I could have used that util over the past few weeks - building all the jukeboxes I've been up to.

Now Alf can take those MP3s he's grabbing and put them into a Laszlo SoundBlox - just like the one I got in my gutter (and Barlow has in his - too!)

[Marc's Voice]
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