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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


K-Logs: The types of RSS aggregators available

John Robb's Weblog: K-Logs: The types of RSS aggregators available. There is a large variety of different RSS aggregators available (which adds to the confusion in this area).  Here is a list:

  1. Desktop aggregators.
  2. Server aggregators.
  3. Search engine aggregators.
  4. E-mail aggregators.
  5. Newsticker aggregators.

Any others?  There is some overlap, but this list may cover most of the basic types. 

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Satellite Radio

Edward Mitchell: Common Sense Technology: Satellite Radio. For a stone digital-music geek who has an iPod jammed with thousands of MP3s and no real interest in straying from custom play lists, satellite radio is probably unnecessary". Having received an iPod for Christmas, and having loaded hundreds not thousands of my CD songs into it, I promptly connected the iPod to a "CD-to-cassette" interface adapter and am playing my music into my car stereo. The iPod is too darned convenient - and there's no monthly fee! Satellite radio has competition from places it had not expected.

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Social Notworking

Doc Searls Weblog: Social notworking  Om isn't so sure about this social networking thing:The question I have is: why the F**K should I share my network of contacts with these commercial entities. They are like BlogSpot that does nothing for my brand equity and in many ways chews me out after making the network connections. Thus what I want is a "MoveableType" of social networking. Blogs took off because it was about one person - me. My social networks should be of my making for me. Lets figure out a way to cut out the middlemen.
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HOWTO: Exposing Comments to Your Movable Type BLog in Your RSS Feed

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life: HOWTO: Exposing Comments to Your Movable Type BLog in Your RSS Feed.

Oleg Tkachenko writes

The goals of exposing comments are: enabling for arbitrary RSS reader application to see comments made to blog items and to post new comments. There are several facilities developed by RSS commutity, which allow to achieve these goals:

  1. <slash:comments> RSS 2.0 extension element, which merely contains number of comments made to the specified blog item.
  2. RSS 2.0 <comments> element, which provides URI of the page where comments can be viewed and added (it's usually something like http://yourblog/cgi-bin/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=blog-item-id in MT blogs).
  3. <wfw:commentRss> RSS 2.0 extension element, which provides URI of comment feeds per blog item (to put it another way - returns comments made to specified blog item as RSS feed).
  4. <wfw:comment> RSS 2.0 extension element, which provides URI for posting comments via CommentAPI.

It works like a charm. Now users of SharpReader and RSS Bandit can view the comments to posts in Oleg's MovableType blog directly in their aggregator. Posting comments from RSS Bandit works as well. Hopefully, this will catch on and folks no longer have to choose between .TEXT and  dasBlog (i.e. ASP.NET/Windows based blogging tools) when they want a blog tool that supports exposing comment in their RSS feed. The more the merrier.

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Brent’s Psychic Predictions for 2004 Brent’s Psychic Predictions for 2004. Are RSS aggregators pretty much there, just needing some tweaks and small features—or at they still at the very beginning of their evolution, with a long road still ahead?

This question was asked on the NetNewsWire beta testing list. It’s a good question.

Answer: aggregators still have a long road ahead. What you see now is just the beginning.

I have an idea of some of the things you’ll see in 2004 (not just in NetNewsWire but in aggregators in general). So consider this as Brent’s psychic predictions for 2004.

1. Atom syndication support. Some aggregators already have this, and I suspect most will by mid-2004.

2. Synching. The idea is to synchronize not only your subscription lists but also the read/unread status of individual headlines—and to make it so it works between different apps, even apps running on different operating systems.

3. Easier subscribing. One of the problems for new users is the problem of subscribing to feeds. The “feed” URL scheme is a step forward here, because it makes it so you can subscribe to feeds directly from your browser. It also means instead of lots of ways to do this, which is inherently confusing, aggregator developers and users can collapse it down to one way. (I suspect there will be other good ideas too—especially in the realm of finding feeds.) Making all this easy for new users is a high priority.

Anyway... individual aggregators, NetNewsWire included, will add lots of other new features not listed above. The above are just the things I predict aggregators will do in common for 2004. I expect lots of innovation to come from all over, but I can’t predict what those innovations will be.

Years from now aggregators will be like email apps: we’ll know what an aggregator should do and what the UI conventions are. But for now we get to be creative, try new ideas, see what sticks. So—my last prediction—I expect 2004 to be fun.

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Would $100 iPod compete or cannibalize?

CNET - Front Door: Would $100 iPod compete or cannibalize?. Analysts are split over the plausibility of rumors that Apple Computer will announce a $100 iPod. Some, meanwhile, muse that an Apple media center could be coming soon to beat Microsoft to the punch.

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