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Tuesday, December 09, 2003


SAM - Syndicated Audio Messaging

Yep, that's what I have planned for next year.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll start writing the SAM roadmap.  Starting in January I will start to build it.  I know I can't build it alone.  Hopefully you will join me.

SAM will build an audio messaging layer on top of the web and technologies like audioblogs, the AudioBlogging Gateway, blogs, RSS, OPML etc.  With SAM audio is not just an attachment or an enclosure or embedded audio file in a text message, it could be but it could also be the main messageSAM is all about the audio messaging flag, audio messaging on the web.  

In 2003 audioblogging came a long way.  Even though we didn't focus on using streaming audio like some said we needed to do audioblogging prevailed and works.  Even though some didn't get it at first others kept rocking and Audioblogging keeps growing everyday.  Audioblogging doesn't really care if it's streaming audio or fixed downloadable files or what transport is the best.  It's not about what web audio technology is the best.  It never was.  Audioblogging like the web itself can use them all.  At the end of the day it's about the message.  It's a new way of using audio on the web to get your message out.  Audioblogging today is simply about creating and putting any audio message on the web however the web can help you get them there.  But we're not done.  Now is the time to get to the next level.  Now we need to build on the past year's work and start creating the "audio messaging community" together.

As I look at the new Audlink homepage I see a glimmer of community starting to form.  It's raw but it's there.  I see some elements missing, but it has a seed.  The answer is to work together to water that seed and grow the audio messaging community.

126 years ago, in a small laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey Thomas Edison invented recorded sound.  In 2004 we can take Edison's invention and create an online audio messaging community like none before it with the help of SAM.

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Sony's new WiFi phone


John Robb: "Sony's new WiFi phone (it isn't a cellphone like it says in the article) is interesting.  If the phone ran off of Skype you could wardrive encrypted untraceable phone calls.  That is a combo that would drive the FBI nuts.  It is possible that in the future running an open WiFi access point would be illegal."

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The beauty of RSS is that it's not instant

Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog: "I like RSS because it's slow. In his this morning's rant on RSS, Dave mentions polling frequency for aggregators and the usual pull vs. push issue. My opinion as an application developer is that the beauty of RSS is that it's not instant. Current aggregator users simply don't expect a post to appear in their aggregators instantly. Having to wait on average 30 minutes (considering the traditional hourly scan) is a perfectly acceptable delay; it might be different on intranets but usually intranets don't have bandwidth limitations...."

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RESTful XML Web Services vs. RPC-style XML Web Services

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life: RESTful XML Web Services vs. RPC-style XML Web Services.

"... This being said there are a number of benefits to the URI-based (i.e RESTful) search that Yahoo provides which comes from being a part of the Web architecture.

  1. I can bookmark a Yahoo RSS search or send a link to it in an email. I can't do the same with an RPC-style SOAP API.
  2. Intermediaries between my machine and Google are unlikely to cache the results of a search made via the Google API since it uses HTTP POST but could cache requests that use the Yahoo RSS-based  search since it uses HTTP GET.  This improves the scalability of the Yahoo RSS-based search without any explicit work from myself or Yahoo, this is just from utilizing the benefits of the Web architecture.

The above contrast of the differing techniques for returning search results as XML used by Yahoo and Google is a good way to compare and contrast RESTful XML Web Services to RPC-based XML Web Services and understand why some people believe strongly [perhaps too strongly] that XML Web Services should be RESTful not RPC-based..."

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Avaya, Polycom Partner on Desktop Video Conferencing

eWEEK Technology News: Avaya, Polycom Partner on Desktop Video Conferencing. Companies plan to launch new products by the middle of 2004 that ease the use of video communications from PCs and, eventually, phones.

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Publish-subscribe without polling is a myth

Early morning RSS rants

Scripting News: "There's a myth going around that there is a way to do publish-subscribe without polling. Not true. At some level, every apparently non-polling technology is built on, you guessed it, polling. It's all just an illusion. Computers don't really do interrupts. At some level it's polling."


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Study: Sales of portable music rocking steady

Study: Sales of portable music rocking steady. MP3 players may not be as hot as DVD players for the holiday season, but Jupiter Research says their shipments have almost doubled this year and will continue to grow. [CNET - Front Door]

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Audio rant

Pure Sweet Hell: "My first mini audio rant addressed to every idiot that comes to my bookstore. Oh the joys of retail."

  audio rant

Message from the Audlink community.

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Think Outside's Bluetooth keyboard for PDAs should be out by March

Think Outside's Bluetooth keyboard for PDAs should be out by March. It sure took long enough for someone to get around to doing this, but Think Outside says they'll have a Bluetooth version of their Stowaway... [Gizmodo]

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Seattle OK Elvis Impersonator Cabbies

This story is strange and totally off topic.  But sometimes you gotta stop to laugh a little.  What's next for Seattle, "Longhorn cabbies"?  "a-thank you verrah much". 

Yahoo! News: "Under the new law, any driver choosing to wear a costume must pick a "readily identifiable and generally well-known public figure, personality or fictional character."

Outfits can't include masks, can't depict police officers or firefighters, and can't be skimpy. They also have to be approved by the cab association for which the driver works, and drivers have to post photos of themselves inside their cabs in and out of costume."

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Audioscrobbler Overview

Audioscrobbler Overview: "Audioscrobbler is a computer system that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste. After installing an Audioscrobbler Plugin, your computer sends the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler Server."

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MSDN TV - RSS feed

Kent Sharkey's blog: "Has this been here for a while? MSDN TV now has it's own RSS feed, for those who like watching the smart tube."

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Microsoft: stop asking for free advice

Frans Bouma's blog: "I think Gerald is right on this, Microsoft is no charity and shouldn't ask for free advice, or better: pretend to be asking for a customer opinion while it is in fact using the non-payed brains out there to lead the way. Because that's what's happening here."

Read on... 

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Troubleshooting holiday lights

A little off topic but timely.

Eric Gunnerson: "I spent a fair bit of time putting up my lights this weekend, and had to do some troubleshooting sets that weren't working."

Read on...

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Wireless Technologies To Watch

I guess I'll have to wait till next year.

"4G" Wireless
"4G might be defined as mobilized 1Mbps service. It should have a range of 3-5 miles from a tower, enabling pedestrians and vehicular users. Will 802.16e or 802.20 happen in 2004? No. But it could cause a sea-change in 2005-2007. "

Wireless Technologies To Watch. Telephony Magazine has an interesting feature this week; Ten wireless technologies worth watching They include: WIMAX The 802.16 metropolitan area network standard ... [Daily Wireless]

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Recording Executives See Brighter Outlook (AP)

The AP article says growing popularity of portable digital music players creates greater demand for digital music.  Interesting.  What I find even more interesting is where these devices will be in 2-3 years down the road and what the demand becomes when they grow up.  Add a little WIFI and some syndicated messaging.  In the end digital music is just another audio message. Right?

Recording Executives See Brighter Outlook (AP). AP - Online music piracy isn't likely to vanish soon, but the rise of paid online services and the growing popularity of portable digital music players portends greater demand for digital music next year and better fortunes for the embattled recording industry, music executives said Monday. [Yahoo! News - Technology]

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How much is digital music worth?

How much is digital music worth?. As the early buzz over new music services such as Apple Computerís iTunes fades, record labels and technology companies are struggling to turn the services into profitable businesses. [CNET - Front Door]

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RSS feeds from Audioscrobbler playlists

I love thinking about where this idea could go.  What's Audioscrobber and feedroll? I'll have to do some digging. Thanks Seb.

RSS feeds from Audioscrobbler playlists. A colleague of mine is going to love this. Alf has partnered with RJ at to enable people to automagically obtain R(DF)SS feeds of whatever music goes through their player. Using a RSS-to-HTML device like feedroll, letting others know what  you've been listening to recently on your weblog becomes a snap.

The view from 10,000 feet is even more promising. All of Audioscrobbler's data is published under the Creative Commons licence, and so are the user feeds. Which enables clever people to build crawlers ("Musicrati"?) and devise algorithms that exploit the distributed database and add value, for instance by matching participants' listening profiles (à la blogmatcher) or by building new playlists out of the raw materials.

In short, what Alf and RJ are effectively doing is applying the people-as-filters pattern that is inherent in blogging from the domain of text to that of music.

[Seb's Open Research]

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Paolo Valdemarin thinks we are ready to declare 2004 "Year of RSS"

I agree with much of what Paolo has to say here.

Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog: "Upgrading comments. Robert Scoble wrote two interesting posts last week about blogs comments and group weblogs. I think that we are ready to move to the next step with comments and group weblogs.

Comments are a very useful feature on weblogs but I think that they should be decentralized: in other words I would like comments I write on other weblogs to be saved on my own weblog.


I believe that the work that is underway on RSS categories and topics will be an important step in this direction, there will be soon an entirely new class of applications based on RSS and new kind of aggregators.

I think that we are ready to declare 2004 "Year of RSS"."
[Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

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