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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Genius Attack

It must be great to have a job where they let you play (sorry-evaluate new technologies!).  Glad to see those companies still exist somewhere.

Bizstone ->  You've gotta hear this. Ev has only had a copy of Garage Band for a week or so and he's already a ninja master: Genius Attack is a techo-remix of some of my audblog posts. Listen to it and you'll see how I'm right about that. So funny.

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I still have money in my pocket

From the audioblog of Doug Kenline -> Doug talks into his "captains log" today about taxes and the cost of sending an audioblog.

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Zillman talks about the Virtual Private Library

Make sure you have 8 minutes of attention available before you click to listen to this one.  The first minute and a half is all self promotion for Mr. Marcus P. Zillma, M.S., A.M.H.A.  Geez.

This edition of Current Awareness Happenings on the Internet by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. (February 9, 2004 V2N6) is dedicated to the Virtual Private Library. Click on the below audblog link to hear an audio describing this site and resource starting point for the Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. These resources are available from the following URL:

Virtual Private Library

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Baby boomers are complicated

File this one under a new way to present your homework.

From the weblog of autumnjane


"baby boomers" are "complicated."
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Reporting live from Kerry Central in Fairfax, Virginia -> Virginia Correspondent Dane Lindberg, reporting live from Kerry Central in Fairfax:

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Dean scream remixed

It didn't take long for the web's 'link jockeys" and "remix masters" to rework the now famous Dean-scream into some creative links of their own.

From the weblog of Lucas Gonze ->

Two Dean-scream remix playlists by Brett Singer, the first from a few weeks ago, the second from a few days ago:
Dean Scream, Vol I
Dean Scream, Vol II

The second one is more interesting because the remixers started to use the scream sample in less literal ways.

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