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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Apple begins shipping iPod Mini

Apple begins shipping iPod Mini. The company says the new, smaller iPod will arrive in Apple stores and at authorized retailers at 6 p.m. Friday. The company has also started filling more than 100,000 pre-orders made through its Web site. [CNET - Front Door]

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What's new at DEMO

Doc Searls posted some of his notes from DEMO.  Note: I haven't seen any audioblogged reports from DEMO yet.

Doc Searls Weblog -> Live from Demo 

  John Patrick: The reason I know blogging is real is that there are so many skeptics, and calls it the beginning of the Semantic Web. He remembers somebody saying ten years ago that "we will never connect our company to the Internet."
  Mena: People do want to hear you had a cheeze sandwich for lunch. And you can't marginalize the personal weblog. Stats: 35% don't want to be crawled, and 5% are password protected. News to me. Interesting.
  Buzz: Blogs are a great way for small companies can get the word out.
  Scoble: I have no prior restraint on my weblog. I blogged at 3am this morning. My boss wasn't there. The PR department wasn't there. It's the story of trust. Well told, too. Our motto at Microsoft is "Hire smart and passionate people." ... Those people make great bloggers... I'm here because I have great relationships with great people, not just because I work at Microsoft.
  Here's Demo's own blog.
  Here's Mena's moblog just for Demo. She's on stage with Ben giving a demo. Here's proof of its success.
  And here's Dave Sifry's explanation of the Demo blog aggregation page he put up at Technorati.
  Oddpost: Newsdash does for the Web what TiVo does for television. They're showing it off with Scripting News. Newsdash has no links. Let's see how long before the word shows up in a Technorati keyword search.
  Waveblog is on stage now. Location based blogging. Following bloggers to parties, live. More here and here. Russell Beattie works there.
  Feedster: Does for blogs what Google does for Web pages, Chris Shipley just said. They're showing it off as a search for Scoble. New service: Feedster Builder. Demo's "feedpaper" page. Some connection with John Kerry's campaign.
  Evermore Software. New Evermore Integrated Software. EIO. Pronounced "Yao" by Gus, who's making the presentation.
  Allenport is up, previewing something that's what the PC would look like if the Internet came first.

Good stuff from Greg Reinacker's Newsgator, too. I just finished looking at it on a cell phone a few minutes ago. Nice.


[Doc Searls Weblog]
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I having so much fun

erasorhed is having a great time in Seattle driving in the rain through puddles  and splashing pedestrians. 

HoopaJoop! ->

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The operation went OK

Queco uses his audioblog to keep his friends updated about his progress and operation while he is in the hospital .

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Boston Sports Radio
Davis Pinto audioblogs about today's buzz in Major League Baseball including the A-Rod for Soriano trade.

Baseball Musings -> Audio posts by David Pinto

Boston Sports Radio: audio post

News Roundup:  audio post
Soriano to Boston:  audio post

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Akimbo coming soon

I been dreaming and waiting for this field.  Like Om says below, we need to get the BlogAudSphere and the BlogVidSphere boot strapped in.  It will be important to do this as the field is being pioneered.  Expect to see many players in this space soon with other business models.  

Akimbo. Akimbo coming soon.

Akimbo coming soon

akimbo.jpg Akimbo Systems is getting set to launch their television-via-internet service. They're working with a smattering of sites that provide video (including, of course, a porn site or two) that are instantly accessible via your television, thanks to a big silver box.

It's an interesting attempt to circumvent the cable/satellite/over-air broadcast model entirely by using the internet in a new way, and it's great to see a new company innovating in the space. However, unless they sign on some pretty significant heavyweight content providers, they'll have a tough time luring customers with their current offerings (which seem too niche and not that extensive). They're also limited to DRM-laden Windows Media 9 video, so don't expect to be playing your own DVD backups captured as MPEGs anytime soon. [PVRblog]

OK - this 'could' be it. Major VC backing, decent range of content.

The key issues will be:

- content, content, content - maybe alittle eCommerce, and then MORE content

- and oh yah - did I say content - so what about video blogs?  audio blogs?  That's content and it's cheap.....

- can this box do more than just what they want it to do?

- how cheap will it be: both hardware and software (will they subsidize it's costs - like TiVO did?)

- does it work, is the UI as sexy as TiVO and how cleanly it integrates with the rest of my Tv world

Akimbo is one of the survivors from a wide range of players that wanted to ship something 'in this space'.  They have been attempts at encoding video into the VHF signal, and all sorts of store it on the hard drive (download at night) scenarios.

But regardless of the technology, it's really a cultural issue.  Will people sit and watch content - which is NOT from cable or satelite?

Akimbo's content is a nice start - but not enough to pay - what? 10$ a month?  $20 a month?  And how much for the box?

It's really been a battle of attrition in this 'digital TV space'.  They certainly won't have a hard time finding a SHITLOAD of independent content - though.  The video artists will go gah-gah about getting paid.

Billions have been spent on TV programming over the years - and it ALL should be available "on-demand".  I just wonder of Hollywood goes for it.

Oh - oh yah.  I wonder if Akimbo is paying off all the patent holders in this space - or if consider themselves yet another holder of 'valuable IP', like digital TV, TV on-demand, digital distribution of, vidoe thumbnails, strings of pearls timelines, EPGs, etc.

Update by Om Malik:

   Akimbo's IP TV.

Paid Content has an interesting piece about Akimbo, a new company that is launching today, with an IP TV service, centered around the TV rather than the PC.

This is how it works - the $199 Akimbo box is connected to your television/home entertainment center, and can also be plugged into your “high-speed Internet connection.” For $9.99 per month, plus additional premium options, users will be able to download up to 200 hours of content at a time onto the box. Initial content will include a lot of ‘specialty’ video—foreign films, educational content, sports events that aren’t available on satellite or cable, and adult content, reports Paid Content.  The company has a partnership deal with CinemaNow for movie distribution.

[Marc's Voice]

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