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Saturday, February 14, 2004


The Top 100 "Silent" Blogs?

Looks like Lucas Gonze has found out what the majority of Technorati's  Top 100 bloggers weren't linking to on Friday with their blogs.  Searching the weblogs of the "Top 100 bloggers" for audio links yesterday, he could only find 19 audio links on their blogs.  4 of the audio links were mp3s. 

Geez, that means my blog's home page has a greater amount of blogged audio links than the whole Top 100 bloggers group has combined. 

I guess we can say with some certainty (based on Lucas's data) that the Audible revolution on the Web won't be coming this week from Technorati's Top 100


From the weblog of Lucas Gonze ->

How prevalent is(n't) audio blogging?

I noticed that A/MBN blogs direct links to audio clips. And then I was struck that I even noticed such a banal thing.

To confirm my impression that blogging audio links is rare, I wrote a simple spider to discover audio links in the most popular blogs. My spider fetched the top 100 blogs from Technorati, parsed out the http:// links in each blog, ran a HEAD on each link, and checked to see if the mime type of the link contained the string "audio". I ignored links that would use streaming protocols like pnm and rtsp, because these are usually wrappered in a .ram playlist to ensure that they make it to a compatible client. I ran it on my iBook over a cable modem; this took about a day.

The results: 18,374 links checked, 19 unique audio links found.

Here, then, is the pathetically short list of the 19 audio links in the alpha cluster of the blogosphere for Friday, February 13, 2004: .... [Lucas Gonze]

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Where do they go from here?

Where do the art forms on the Internet go from here with all these old analog music world rules popping up and causing a lot of uncertainty with the arts future creativity potential in the public online world? 

For those about to audioblog (using Creative Commons), we salute you.

Wired: "These corporations have outlawed an art form." [Scripting News]

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The Audible Web

Listen:   The Audible Web

I reread Ben Hammersley's Audible revolution this morning.  IMHO, a bit of a cliffhanger.   It will be interesting to see if Ben writes a part 2.  If there is a part 2, I  like to see him look beyond what's happening right now and look at where we are moving with audio on the web and add a little something about the BlogAudSphere and SAM.

In reality, the Audible Web is really just beginning to be pioneered.  Everyday we are seeing more and more audible links appearing on the Web.  It is important for me to point out that the Audible Web is not just about Audioblogging.  IMHO, I see audioblogging and audiobloggers playing a major role in the future of the Audible Web.  Audioblogging represents the potential "raw commentary, editorial voice" in the big picture of what is the Audible Web.  It will be a natural evolution next for bloggers to become audible "link jockeys" and routers (I especially think Steve Gillmore would appreciate this) for listening communities of the Audible Web.  This effect will cause an "audible echo chamber" on the web that will help to spread the audible messages that are being published to the Audible Web.

I surprised more people don't see the big picture like I believe Ben does.  The next step is to create services to help spread the "spoken word" of the web and to begin tying together some of the elements of the Audible Web.  IMHO,  BlogAudSphere and SAM represent some of what could be the foundations of the Audible Web as we move the audible revolution forward.

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