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Hacking the Linksys WRT54G to build the world's first "hot spot blog"

Slashdot: Hacking the Linksys WRT54G 

How about we create a hacked "hot spot blog" version of the WRT54G?  The file system out of the box has somewhere between 2-5M.  We could have the units broadcast their name and IP address (something simple like - "blog: blog site name: ip address: optional GPS location") as they quickly hand out DHCP based temporary IP addresses to the travelers/users entering their "hot zone". 

The units could act as mix between a blog and a wireless/electronic billboard.  Having these along the nation's highways would be great fun for long trips.  Bloggers along main highway exits (location, location, location) could use it for marketing and to syndicate some thin and quick local content (remember the user will be only "in the zone" for a moment - no time to check email or web surf - just some very quick content pulling at G speeds) like the local weather forcast, theater info, restaurant reviews, aggregated local blogger content, etc.  Gives a true, respectible use to war driving.  Kids and parents alike would love it.  We could call it "blog driving".  I'm sure we could come up with other uses and a better name. 

Do I have any buyers for the first unit that I build and sell?  The initial unit will be an alpha test unit aimed at  early adopters, potential content and software developers and/or any one that is just curious of where this may all go and wants to get in early on helping to shape the idea.

Update:  6:45PM:  I just purchased a LINKSYS WRT54G from Best Buy for $99 (not including tax).  I purchased the unit for the "hot spot blog" project stated above. 

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Opera CEO: Browser Ready for Its Next Act

Did somebody say voice technology in a browser for the mobile market??

eWEEK Technology News: Opera CEO: Browser Ready for Its Next Act. "Jon von Tetzchner discusses software maker's plans to add new innovations, such as voice technology, to the Web browser and to beat main competitor Microsoft in the mobile browser market. "

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Bloggers go "Back to the Future": Bloggers Start Running Ads

Why does this article sound like the same old mid 90's, Internet bubble mentality to me?  Come on people!!  If you want to make this a business you need a "new, real" reason for them to come back and a "new, valid" reason for the majority who come back to spend some money.  If not, you are IMHO just plain hoping, guessing, pretending, playing and wasting your time and probably somebody else's money.  Geez.  Just be a little creative and tell us how you plan to sell something you own or plan to make some real money to justify the expense of advertising!!  Like a real brick and mortar business.  And please, please, please don't tell me more advertisements or you are going to figure that out later!!  The problem and difference in 2004 with this kind of thinking is many have already spent a lot of time there, done that and unfortunately lost a lot of money while they were there and don't need to be reminded or asked about ever going back!!!  Did I say I thought this was a real bad idea or way for blogging to go!!

MarketingVOX - The Voice of Online Marketing: "Bloggers Start Running Ads. Micro Persuasion: Bloggers Running Ad Campaigns on Google Bloggers are starting to run paid search advertising to promote their sites. As bloggers... [summary]"

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