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The World's Very First Wi-Fi MP3 player

The World's Very First Wi-Fi MP3 player: It's called the SoniqCast Element Aireo (1.5GB): From the comments I've read so far it seems expensive (around $300.00) and large.  One needs to keep in mind this is only version 1 of a product whose main features will surely be adapted into most MP3s portable players very soon.  Still, if you have $300.00 to burn right now, it could be a fun device to play with.

Quote from CNet reviews: "If you leave the player in your car overnight (powered through its optional 12V charger/dock), it will automatically download music added that day to any playlist it shares with your Wi-Fi-connected PC(s). Initial tests revealed that this function worked well, as did the Aireo's HotSpotz feature, which clearly detected Wi-Fi hot spots as we walked around the neighborhood. "

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