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Make your own ringtones from MP3s

Ripping music for Ringtones. DIY ringtone software panics record labels.

make your own ringtones from MP3s with Xingtone, user/pass

Xingtone's desktop software is easy-to-use, legal, and allows you to create mobile phone ringtones using digital audio files on your computer - music clips, sound effects, your child's laugh, your dog’s bark, or any sound you like!


All I gotta say is right on.  Couldn't happen to a nicer group of fellas.

[Marc's Voice]
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Random access to Web audio

Jon's Radio: Random access to Web audio. Doug Kaye's ITConversations has the first installment of a new online talk show called The Gillmor Gang. My ongoing interest in the ability to form URLs that link into large media objects has now infected Doug, and we've been talking about how to enable that capability on his site. ...

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