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GPS meets

Looks like Eric's playing and experimenting with GPS Audioblogging today.  Coolio!!

Eric Rice: My GPS Location 10:50 AM. 37d 58.586' N 122d 02.043' W

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Techie stuff 101:  Next step, Audio/Graphic Rich Media Blog Posting Object

What is an Audio/Graphic Rich Media Blog Posting Object you say?  And why would one want one? Let's just say for now that there is more to "the digital life" besides linking a graphic to an audio file.  It'll be easier to see what it is, where I'm going with this idea, and how to build with it once I post the first basic Flash rendering of the foundation here in the next week.

After thinking about some new Audio/Rich Media object ideas during the week I finally decided yesterday I needed to learn some basic Flash to build a simple Rich Media MP3 Audio/Graphic posting blog player/viewer to move beyond just thinking about it.  Hopefully building the first phototype model here will start a conversation about integrating this and encourage others to start including Rich Media Objects into their weblog postings.  It's funny how weblogs just seem to start feeling like a "Rich Media Object Canvas" once you go beyond weblog's text roots basics. 

The reason I chose Flash was mainly for it's clean browser integration and the reach beyond PCs it enables.  Coupling that fact with using MP3 as the audio format in my opinion gives the object the most flexible audio building blocks that an Internet available child audio media object needs for integration and inheritance into other Internet based parent Rich Media objects and community services. 

And without a doubt I will be looking at my past thoughts and ideas around SAM to supply the content DNA of the object.

Stay tuned as I take my first steps in learning how to build something like this or anything at all in Flash. 

Even though the Web seems to have an abundance of Flash tutorials, any pointers or tips about Flash development would be appreciated!!

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Eric Rice: pings the audio service. "I'm a few days late. Scripting News: 5/18/2004 Users of can now send a ping to the upcoming (name TBD, but I know Dave likes In your blog settings, you can uncheck the ping option. Screenshot to come shortly. "

Ping! I just couldn't resist writing that.  Congrats Eric!!!  Update: I just enabled pinging from my beta account, tested and all seems to work.

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Review of Creative's new MuVo Slim MP3 player

Engadget: Review of Creative's new MuVo Slim MP3 player

Creative MuVo Slim

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Business for iRiver Booming

Player Blog: Business for iRiver Booming. "Forbes has a brief Reuters article on iRiver's business outlook. They estimate that they'll book $450 million this year. Not too shabby. Also, the article notes in passing that the Personal Media Players (PMPs) will be launched in the US and South Korea in August."

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