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CNET to Launch Digital Music Services Guide (Reuters)

CNET to Launch Digital Music Services Guide (Reuters). Reuters - CNET Networks Inc. (CNET.O), which runs a technology news and commentary site and helps users comparison shop for a broad range of products, on Monday said it would extend its online clearinghouse approach to digital music. [Yahoo! News - Technology]

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Al Thompson arrested by IRS 

Doug Kenline audioblogs his converstion with Al Thompson. Al describes how he was arrested by IRS thugs, had his arms twisted, and put into chains because he has a few questions about the income tax.

 audio link

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A little 66 breakout to start the week

I'm listening to a little Garage Punk from 66 breakout this morning over at  Music at  This band reminds me a little of very early Ted Nugent. 

The emergence of a solid band such as 66 breakout is a happy byproduct of hip garage bands being paraded through the mainstream machine. And while its attack is very familiar, the group will convince rock fans that riff-heavy, unselfconscious music is a glorious thing and, by its very nature, can never be cliche.

  the kuze ( 3:10 ) (4.36 MB) 

Remember to file this one under Garage Punk.

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Let's spawn a audioblogging revolution (or maybe just a new community for now)

Looks like Dave Winer picked up on my post about cloning something like for the audioblogging community.  Dave has offered to spawn an audioblogging community off of if there is interest in the audioblogging community.  Dave's created an area for people with audio blogs to comment and show their interest.

With all the new free legal audio mp3 links becoming available on the net and the presence now of 3 audioblogging networks (audblog, audlink and audioblog), we need to find an efficient structure to connect all the audio links with the audio listening community.  Audioblogging is the process in my opinion and spawning a community off of at this time would be a great tool to support the process.   The legal audio file storage services out there need to support a service like this and others that make it more efficient for finding their customer's online audio files. 

On a slightly different note, I wonder if Dave stopped by my site and seen how we bootstraped   into Radio.  With the   integration, I have been able to move my audioblogging quite easily past the "click the audio file on my weblog" stage onto the "listen to my collection of audio files for today" stage.  I'm not done yet, but my new audioblogging ideas are starting to move into reality.  Imagine next having the ability for selecting all of mine and any other audioblogger's daily audio link collections for automatic dowloading into your MP3 player, iPod and/or media server. 

Scripting News: Harold Gilchrist says it's time for audio blogs to have their own We can do it if there's enough interest -- has the ability to spawn new communities. So if there are enough audio blogs or tools to start one, let's do it. Probably the best way to find out is to create a post and ask people with audio blogs to comment. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

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