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100 megabits wirelessly by 2012?

100 megabits wirelessly by 2012..

The Feature: "Ulf Wahlberg, Ericsson’s VP of research (who evidently knows what he’s talking about), makes a pretty concrete statement promising something that previous experience makes us believe is out of reach, it’s hard to keep a straight face. Wahlberg says 4G will enable 100Mbps between any two points in the world, and 1 gigabit per second — yes, gigabit — locally. “Transmitting a hundred megabits per second between two points at short range is not difficult,” he told Computer Weekly. “We can do that now. What’s hard is to make it work between any two points on the globe.” Now be serious Ulf!"

[Om Malik on Broadband]
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BlogPulse: RSS Trend Discovery System.

I just tried BlogPulse.  Seems to return different results then the rest of the field.  Doesn't seem to find any pages created today from my searches.

Lockergnome’s RSS & Atom Tips: "BlogPulse is a powerful new online service that takes off from where Technorati, DayPop, Feedster and other RSS-based news services have left..."

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Turning Up the Volume: Audioblogging on the Rise

Contentious: Turning Up the Volume: Audioblogging on the Rise: "audio weblogs (audioblogs) are emerging in a big way, largely thanks to the introduction of a couple of major new services that are accessible and affordable for the average weblogger."

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Blogging Advances

Poynter online: Steve Outing: "Now owned by Google, Blogger has added a bunch of features that catch it up with competitors who have offered more in the last couple years. Among the more significant new features: the ability to e-mail in a blog post, and "AudioBlogger," which lets you call in from a phone and leave a message that's immediately posted to your blog as an MP3 audio file."

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Sony's new "iPod killer"

All you need to know 

Doc Searls Weblog: "Sony's new "iPod killer" only plays Sony's own ATRAC3 tracks. No MP3. No OGG, No Real. No ACC.When is one of these companies going to come out with a player that's truly agnostic and agile about the formats it records and plays? When will somebody get serious about OGG and save us from this misplaced greed and insanity"...

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Morning audio report: Press release day

This morning we audioblog about the press releases posted here today from K-Amp and Audioblog and the news about the discontinuation of Microsoft wireless products.

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PRWeb: Launches Next Generation Audio Publishing Service For Blogs: exclusively provides the BlogRecorder, which enables publishers to record high quality audio using a PC microphone and web browser. Among the other recording methods, subscribers can upload MP3 or WAV files, and also record by telephone to create audio moblogs.

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K-Amp Player Announces New Pricing, Features and Affiliate Programs

Streamingmedia: K-Amp Player Announces New Pricing, Features and Affiliate Programs With the introduction of new affordable programs and features, K-Amp now has an affiliate program for businesses or communities that wish to offer their own branded K-Amp subscriptions to users. Now qualified resellers of audio will have a seamless registration and order page for sign-ups completely immersing the user in the subscribing of the organization's own K-Amp network. Affiliates and multiple K-Amp player arrangements are ideal for Music Companies/Distributors, New Artist Community Sites, blogging communities and non-profits. Qualified resellers can share revenues generated by their members monthly subscription to K-Amp, creating new a revenue stream without the responsibility of billing, hosting or tech support.

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Microsoft Discontinuing WiFi Products

Microsoft Discontinuing WiFi Products. Microsoft Corp. will sell through its line of broadband wireless access products, after which the technology will be phased out. [eWEEK Technology News]

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