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Cisco plans to hire 1,000 more workers

Yahoo! News - Technology: Cisco's Job Shocker ( "Cisco Systems's announcement yesterday that it plans to hire 1,000 more workers is sure to bring throngs of out-of-work technology workers streaming into the city hoping that the company's expansion, coupled with Google's IPO, signals that the boom is officially on again."

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MusicNow Launches Digital Product for Artists (Reuters)

Yahoo! News - Technology: MusicNow Launches Digital Product for Artists (Reuters). "Reuters - MusicNow LLC, a digital music store and subscription service provider, on Wednesday said it launched a new product that lets musicians interact with fans through their own, branded digital music offerings."

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Apple Wants to Open Song Vaults 

Scripting News: Wired: "It's probably a bit much to say Jobs is saving the music industry, but he's showing them the way into the digital age. They have been stumbling around drunk in the dark."

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Mercenaries in Iraq

John Robb's Weblog: "NPR (audio).  Peter Singer on the use of mercenaries in Iraq.  Worth listening to."

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Audio moblogging the Music of Final Fantasy concert

The Journal of Burnt Toast:  "Post that I made after the Dear Friends: Music of Final Fantasy concert. I REALLY enjoyed this concert... and it was really nice that even the LA Philharmonic seemed to enjoy themselves, even though they are playing -just- video game music."

  audio post

File this one under audioblogging, moblogging, concert review.

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Pick my Poison

The Luminous Gloom: Pick my Poison

A poem read by the Luminous Gloom.

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Moments are getting stronger

Daniel Phillip: Blogs, a weekly series of great questions from Lisa.

"2. How often, in a day, do you say to yourself “Hmm…I gotta blog that!”?

Almost constantly! Sadly (or luckily?) I don't ever remember most of it. Something about looking at the blank entry field washes all those ideas away. That's why I thought I'd enjoy Audblog, but I hate hearing my own voice so I have never used it. Yet. Those "Gotta blog this" moments are getting stronger..."

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Audblog versus Audioblog

This is a photo of Claudius Flauberius. He is very handsome.  Claudius Flauberius compares Audblog versus Audioblog: "I'd been struggling (okay, struggling is a bit melodramatic) with the choice between two different services: Audblog and Audioblog."

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