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How the music industry fell apart

More and more I beginning to believe my definition of a "rock star" is just old fashion.  To current record industry insiders, being a rock star is all about making "the numbers",  making money and little to do with the rock style of music.  Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are "$rock stars$" to them. 

Quote from Frontline:The Way the Music Died:  interview with David Codikow:  "It's still all about the kids. If the kids want to request it, it gets played more and more. The more it gets played, the more people buy. The more people buy, the more records they sell. The more records they sell, shazam, you're a rock star. You know? It's not, you know, Euclidian geometry, but it definitely can work. And with these guys, you feel that undertow. They made an amazing record. And our radio department already told us they've been playing the single for a lot of people, and they're feeling really good about it. It's much better than not feeling good about it. "

It's not like recording artist like Frank Zappa didn't warn us about the record company mentality back in the 70's. Who can forget "Strickly Commercial" or how Frank publicly had the guts to expose his dislike for his current record label Warner Brothers at his concerts and in his national magazine interviews.  These record industry complaints are not all that new and they existed back at least as far as the early 70's.  The only real difference I see in today's conversation is more artists and inside people are willing to talk publicly about the problems of the industry and the Internet exists to continue the conversation with the customers of the industry.  I see this as a big difference that may and could bring some positive change!  Stay tuned!!

Scripting News: "Highly recommend the latest Frontline on how the music industry fell apart during the 80s and 90s. Why? Stopped loving the product."

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How To Convert Any Web Site Into An RSS Feed

Lockergnome's RSS & Atom Tips: How To Convert Any Web Site Into An RSS Feed. "Creating a Generic Site-To-RSS Tool. While this is certainly not breaking news, it maybe something that you have not had the opportunity to learn more about until now. Authored by Roy Osherove this in-depth article provides you with all of the technical information, examples and references you need to taste the flavour of true site scraping. (Not for the tech-shy or RSS novice.) By (Robin Good). "

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