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DMusic supports Creative Commons and embeds MP3 files

DMusic supports Creative Commons and embeds MP3 files.

unmediated: "DMusic, the oldest independent digital online music community now supports Creative Commons in their upload process. More importantly though, DMusic is providing the first web-based application to embed Creative Commons license information into ID3 tags of MP3 files. Now, when you upload your MP3 file to DMusic and choose a Creative Commons license, DMusic will put the license into the MP3 file for you. When people download your file, or share it on a file-sharing network, there will always be a way to detect the Creative Commons license."

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More evidence of video based networks turning to Flash

More evidence of video based networks turning to Flash.

unmediated: Flash Powers's Innovative Video Browser "The interface is a bit funky but the review is glowing. Sounds a lot like what a dot bomb company I was working for a few years back was trying to develop. I would like to see Flash open up a bit more and see some better authoring tools but it does seem as though they got some things right with the video streaming. All in all, pretty interesting, too bad it is the same content that can be found on TV."

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Programmers troubled by XML icon

I didn't really know that many programmers had issues with using the XML icon.  I can understand partly the view of not wanting to be told what to do, but doing something as a developer to meet best practices for user interoperability, consistency and higher level integration I always thought would be no brainers with the majority of developers. 

Scripting News: "In comments on Scoble's site, Firas explains why so many programmers are troubled by the XML icon (and probably a lot of other things about RSS). "They hate being told to use it." I know how that feels, I felt the same way about the Macintosh user interface guidelines, but then gave in. That made users happy, because while programmers hate being told what to do, users love consistency among apps. If you don't believe me, ask a user. (These days apps are websites.)"

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AT&T Wireless to Carry Audiovox PPC 410

Is the audiovox PPC 410 a valid platform to start build the audioblogging mobile Radio?

Gizmodo: AT&T Wireless to Carry Audiovox PPC 410. "Looks like the Audiovox PPC 410, a tri-band Pocket PC with a 400MHz proc, 64MB RAM/64MB ROM, and SD/MMC is going to be released via AT&T Wireless. Pricing is set to be around $400 before a $50 instant rebate--likely in..."

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RSS explorer autodiscovers RSS feeds, lets you avoid the XML icon

This tool gives you RSS feed autodiscovery from your IE toolbar with the option to one click validate or subscribe.

RSS Explorer: "RssExplorer is a Internet Explorer toolbar that allows you easily find RSS feeds and subscribe to them using your favorite news aggregator / headline viewer. More..."

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger: RSS explorer autodiscovers RSS feeds, lets you avoid the XML icon.

"OK you XML-icon-hating-RSS-feed-subscribing geeks here's your solution: RSS Explorer. It auto discovers feeds on pages and gives you an option to subscribe to them."

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Convert And Style RSS Feeds Into Javascript.

Lockergnome’s RSS & Atom Tips: "Feed2JS is a newly launched hosted service to convert RSS newsfeeds into Javascript code that can be easily integrated on any Web site.

The service runs off a reliable server at Maricopa Community Colleges but a PHP-based version that can be installed on your own server is also available."

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Photo service may raise search engine revenue

Yahoo! News - Technology: Picture this: Photo service may raise search engine revenue ( - More computer users are searching the Internet for photos as well as Web-site links - potentially boosting revenue for Google and Yahoo.

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How to make your own Ringtones, continues

Engadget: pt's "How-To" Tuesday, How to make your own Ringtones....

"It’s Tuesday and this week’s “How-To” project is how to make your very own ringtones for your phone... "

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The audioblogging of a Presidential Candidate

Aaron Russo, Presidential candidate creates his first "Hello world" audioblog.  Sounds to me like he is reading from a script, a common initial comfort zone method used by first time audiobloggers.  My advice to Aaron Russo is to try to become more himself and less formal during audioblogging.  Also, try not to treat this communication method as yet another way to give a one-way campaign speech.  The idea and goal, IMHO is to engage the people into an two-way unscripted informal online audio conversation with him and each other. 

It will be interesting moving forward to follow how Aaron Russo uses audioblogging to discuss the country's hot domestic and international issues and his campaign's positions on these topics. 

Thank you for taking the time to audioblog for the people today Aaron Russo.

World's First Audioblog By A Presidential Candidate

"Aaron Russo today completed the first audioblog by a Presidential candidate in the history of America."
Special thanks goes to Doug Kenline for all his help and effort in making this historical audioblogging event happen.

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