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FreeCache Internet and Tech: I no longer leave my home. I'm serious.  Links: Pointing you to the good stuff.

Claudius Flauberius: FreeCache: "Here's a veritable wonder from the Internet Archive (which was just slashdotted, and so alleviated the slashdot effect with it's own system, or something. I think. Hmm. Of course, they also have the petabox.)

FreeCache lets you freely distribute the bandwidth load of presumably large, popular files by simply attaching a prefix to your file's url:"

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Ben and Mena Trott: Six Apart

IT Conversations: "IT Conversations' producer Doug Kaye sat down with this husband-and-wife team on the eve of the launch of Movable Type 3.0 to find out what's behind Ben and Mena's public image and the company they're building."

Lsten to this IT Conversations interview.

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