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Golden Sachs Annual Internet Conference 2004: Webcast presentation: Yusuf Mehdi , VP Microsoft

this is an audio post - click to play - Listen to this soundbite from Golden Sachs Annual Internet Conference 2004 of Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi comparing Apple's IPod strategy and success to Microsoft's new opportunities.

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Audio of MSN VP's Speech

Player Blog: Audio of MSN VP's Speech. "I haven't found a written transcript of Yusuf Mehdi's remarks at yesterday's Goldman Sachs Internet Conference, but you can listen to his talk here. The bits about the iPod come out around 33:45. I think the soundbite that spawned this was at 35:00:Little [devices] that cost $50 bucks that you can go running with. Also note that he says that Microsoft will not make the devices themselves, confirming that Microsoft's competition with the iPod will be by proxy through Windows Media Center device makers. "

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Microsoft, Sony Announce iPod Competitors

Slashdot: Microsoft, Sony Announce iPod Competitors

Also reported at Player Blog:

Microsoft iPod-Killer for $50?. "The Seattle PI and the Denver Post (scroll down a bit to the Las Vegas entry) are running stories with quotes from Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi, VP of MSN. Not unexpectedly, Mehdi stated that Microsoft will be entering the MP3 player market soon..."

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Extreme MHz Reviews the Rio Karma

Player Blog: Extreme MHz Reviews the Rio Karma. "The gang at Extereme MHz have done a brief review of the 20GB Rio Karma. There is nothing to dislike about the Rio Karma. It offers you much more out of the box than the Apple IPOD does and is the absolute best alternative currently on the market..."

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1940s telephone manual

Boing Boing: 1940s telephone manual. "How to Make Friends By Telephone" is a 1940s instructional booklet on using the new telephonic device network. Here's a scanned version -- it's a hoot. Link (Thanks, Rich!)

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Macromedia buffs up Linux Flash Player

CNET Macromedia buffs up Linux Flash Player "The company said the latest Flash Player, released Thursday, offers increased performance and security. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), a Web services protocol that allows independent applications to exchange messages in real time, helps companies integrate their applications and improve overall efficiency. "

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Is one out of every four MP3 players sold an iPod?

Engadget: Is one out of every four MP3 players sold an iPod?. iPods

"BusinessWeek decides to kick the tires on the widely held assumption that one out of every four MP3 players sold worldwide is an iPod, and finds that the truth is little murkier. .."

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