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Proof why the audioblogging community needs to start it's very own clone

You really want to kick start an audioblogging revolution?  Apply the same boot strap community methods that the text blogging revolution pioneers used to spark the weblogging community.  Services like audblog, audlink, audioblog and even need to start pinging the "virtual audio bell" so other "connectors" can start finding the audio files created in their respected communities.

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger:, if you're a weblog tool, you should ping it.

Chris Frazier notices my picture is at the top of right now.

That is very weird. I remember the first time I realized the power of ping sites like Dave Winer had invited me over to watch him blog. He was refreshing this page and clicking on every link (back then there were only a hundred or so sites pinging every day).

That was why he had links to people's sites before anyone else did. It was his big secret. It also #2 on my list of why weblogs are hot. Discoverability. Google can find you. Dave, and other "connectors" can find you. Technorati can find you. I can find you. All thanks to

Is your weblog service or tool pinging it? Why not? If you are a weblog, you should ping this when you update.

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Update from Scoble

Earlier today I made a request over at Scoble's site under his post, Multimedia Luddite?.


Scoble, tell us more about or where to get the inside info on "Windows Media Center 2005", if you can.  

Harold: I have a feeling that this week a bit more will come out about it.

Harold: info on the 2004 edition is here:

2005 just has a nicer interface, and more features. Lots more. I'll talk a lot more about it after they release everyone from NDA.

Robert Scoble 5/2/04; 6:05:45 AM
I'm easy to satify!!  I simply hope it can play and record all the audio formats (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flash audio, etc.) out of the box, with the ability to mix all the audio formats within all the existing playlist format standards.  I don't think that's asking much for audio in 2005.  Is it?

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While beta testing, Doug Kenline asks Aaron Russo for President to please give us a daily audioblog

In an audioblog post today over at the Aaron Russo blogger committee blog, Doug Kenline asked Aaron Russo to please give us a daily audioblog.

Audio Message to Aaron Russo for President Blogger Committee

This is an audio message from Doug Kenline to the Aaron Russo for President campaign team.

Looks like Doug's now an official beta tester for Eric Rice's new audioblogging service:


Doug Kenline, who usually records his daily audioblogging posts using, had stated on his weblog this week that he like to "get a chance to play around with" the new service from that has a 60 minute post feature and audio that starts playing immediately when clicked.

Stated by Doug this week: "Damn this Eric Rice is a sharp dude. It looks like he may have just made a major advance in audio blogging technology. I'm checking him out now. is where you get an account set up. Eric says you can record for 60 minutes. Unreal. And it looks like these things are streaming audio. They start playing immediately when you hit the play button. No waiting for file download from what I can make of it. That would make it much nicer for dial up users if that is the case.

I think I'll set up an account and test it out a little bit.

I guess the thing is still in beta testing and they're just looking for beta testers to help work out some bugs. I guess they're not charging for it yet. Hopefully I'll be hearing from them and get a chance to play around with it."

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Update: WebJay and Download, not there yet?? maybe not so

Earlier today, I said that yesterday I noticed that my friend didn't import the new mp3 artists that I was introducing on my blog stored on CNET's new Free Music Download Service.  Well that is sorta still true but think I found a work around for now.

Look at the original url from CNET's new Free Music Download Service for Janet Murphy's "Out of Step":;

Huh!!  Wonder why    can't chew away on that.  After closer examination I figured I could pull the following url out of there:

Now that's much, much better.  Now my friend   is happy and I can continue to intoduce my new found friends over at the CNET's new Free Music Download Service.

Comon free legal MP3 service developers, when you create a new MP3 file storage service, recognize that the community needs you to use the standard mp3 url, or at minimum end with a dot MP3.  "audiofile.mp3"  Thanks in advance.

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Who can ever forget Captain Beefheart?

John Fahrey's Revenant records: MP3s:

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Grow Fins: Rarities [1965-1982], 1999
Electricity.mp3 (Disc 2, Track 1)
Click_Clack.mp3 (Disc 5, Track 14)

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WebJay and Download, not there yet

Yesterday, I noticed that my friend didn't import the new mp3 artists that I was introducing on my blog stored on CNET's new Free Music Download Service.  Maybe Lucas can give us the scope on the issues around making this work.

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Multimedia Luddite?

Multimedia Luddite? : [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger] "Anyone willing to go on the record and admit that they won't watch multimedia content on their PC?"

Found in Scoble comment: "Wait until you see Windows Media Center 2005. It'll totally change your opinion about what a home entertainment system should be. "

Scoble, tell us more about or where to get the inside info on "Windows Media Center 2005", if you can.

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