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Choices from the audioblogging guitar man

As I said in my previous audioblog post, I like listening to the Doug Kenline Audioblogging experiment.  As demostrated in this audioblogging post, it is simply amazing how Doug can bring the right song and his country style of playing guitar and singing into the context of a conversation to make his point. 

File this post my friend under audioblogging 101: style.

 Listen to my mp3 intro

 audio post from Doug Kenline's Audioblog

Nightly Audioblog

In tonight's audioblog I talk about choices and
George Jones. My guitar gets up and helps me explain. Who says you can't have fun without money.

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The 3-way audioblogging interview

I like listening to Doug Kenline's audioblogging show.  Doug has pretty much pioneered the audioblogging 3-way call interview and I'm sure him and Eric will figure out the glitch/bug that caused to stop when Doug tried bringing in the second line during a 3-way call.

Thanks Doug for letting us listen to and read about your daily audioblogging experiment.

File this post under audioblogging theory 101.

Well I thought I had a huge breakthrough but the recording stopped when I went to go and try to bring in another line using the 3-way call. Well at least we got it to work with the telephone instead of the computer microphone.

I need to be able to do three-way calling telephone interviews. Well we'll keep at it and we'll get it going sooner or later. Maybe it was something I did.

Thank you Eric Rice.

from Doug Kenline's Audioblog

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Memo to Self

 audio post

Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant

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Christopher Coppola talks about what it means to be a free spirit.

 Listen to my intro to Free Spirit

 audio post by Christopher Coppola

I'd also like to express gratitude to my mentors who never tried to crush my spirit but helped it to grow. H. Ogawa- fencing master, Dr. Barney Childs- experimental music and poetry master, and George Kuchar- underground filmmaking master.
Plaster City - EARS

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MP3 Phone Battle in Korea Heating Up

MP3 Phone Battle in Korea Heating Up.

While the patent fight over MP3 phones in Korea is ongoing, the conflict between the Korean music industry and cellphone makers is about to reach the boiling point (Korean).  While the Korean music industry is trying to ban MP3 phones in Korea, LG Telecom wants LG phone users to be able to download and play any MP3 files.  As in most such conflicts in Korea, neither side is prepared to lose.

Whether MP3 phones are banned in Korea or not, both sides have to worry about downloadable third-party software capable of accessing other music networks and playing other formats.  If they cripple the device so that downloaded software can't access the cellphone's audio, then Korean phonemakers will lose the competitive edge over models from other phone makers.

Only possibly workable solution I see is Play Tax.  The idea is to charge music listeners using audio devices by the minute and compensate the music industry.  Differentiating music and conversations can be done by a chip on every device that can output hi-quality sound.

[Don Park's Daily Habit]
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