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Audioblogging theory 101

Sometimes there is a need to have more then 1 audio file in an audioblogging post.  The Kill Bill 2 review this morning is a perfect example of when there is a need.

I like to think that any one audioblogging post as simply a set of one or more audio files and a day of audioblogging as a day's collection of posts or audioblogging sets.

File this post under audioblogging theory 101.

 Listen to audioblogging theory 101: This supporting audioblogging post is more then me reading the above text post.  You can think of the supporting text post as the meta data behind an audio blogging post mostly needed for Google, Technorati and other serach engines to find it.

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Kill Bill 2

Christopher Coppola's take on the new pop culture movie Kill Bill 2.

File this one under audio movie review.

  My audio intro for review (part 1)

  link to audio review (part 1)

Christopher calls in again and talks a little more about Kill Bill 2 and Vincent Tarintino films.

 My audio intro (part 2) 

 link to audio review (part 2)

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