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Here's a thought for today

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The Livermore Audio Moblogs by Eric Rice

Eric Rice:The Livermore Audio Moblogs by Eric Rice: "One audioblog playlist of four moblogs from my HP Demo at Costco in Livermore, CA.

Runtime: 6:45
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1. My Blogware user redirect and comments on engaging consumers
2. Early morning in an empty Costco
3. More opening thoughts & the HP product lineup
4. Observations - end of the day"

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How to ping the Audio weblogs community

Scripting News: How to ping the Audio weblogs community: "Such a service can now "ping", in the "audio" category. will then verify that the blog actually changed, and if so, it will add it to the list of recently changed audio weblogs."

Thank you Dave Winer for building and hosting this Audioblog Community Service!!!

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