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My first moblog

Pretty neat!  Nice job Eric!!  Now I can either audioblog through my browser or using a phone (or I can even upload an audio file).  Even though the idea of audioblogging with a phone (some call this method a form of moblogging) isn't new (audblog, audlink),  it is's features like implementation through Flash combined with audioblogging recording through a web browser and 60 minute phone posts that make it stand out from the rest of the field at this time in my opinion.

Thanks to, we don't have to find a phone to audioblog when we are near a (our) computer.  I always do my audioblogging and audioblogging authoring at my computer.  Since this one service offers both options, maybe things will change for me in the future.

I wonder if the flash recorder and player would work on a PocketPC?  Eric might just have to design a different/smaller/compact interface.

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First post from

It's saturday morning in New Jersey and I'm talking about the beautiful Spring weather we're having.  Then I move onto talking about the beta I'm looking at then onto XML-RPC.  Anyone know of a XML-RPC validator that is working?

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