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Check out the new Audioblogger icon below.  Click on the icon to hear Noah Glass speak about some of the recent changes to Audioblogger.

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Audioblogger is free

From an email reply from Audioblogger that was posted on the blog Alternate Means and quoted below, it looks like Listenlab, the creators of AudBlog are now offering their phone based audioblogging service designed for Blogger customers, Audioblogger for free.

Looks like all you need to do is setup a free Blogger ( account to use it. 

If this is true, we will surely see an increase in the number of phone created audioblogs in the BlogAudSphere.  This is great news for the audioblogging community.  Great move!!  Thank you Audioblogger!!!

"We are pleased to announce that Listenlab, the company behind
Audioblogger, in partnership with Blogger (
Google will be bringing you unlimited audio blogging services free
of charge. We are making vast improvements to the service so that
blogging will be easier than ever.

Since Audioblogger is now free your PayPal subscription has been

Thank you for making this happen. You were the early adopters that said
that this was a good idea and supported it. Now to repay your support,
the service is yours to use for free.

Thank you and enjoy Audioblogger,
The Audioblogger team"

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Link-addressable streams, revisited

From the weblog of Lucas Gonze:

"Not much streaming media has to be streamed -- call-in radio, telephone calls, a few other things. (Except with the very cool Alluvium project, which leverages the real time nature of streams to make swarming more efficient). Streaming is usually used because of the mistaken belief that it is DRM, or out of inertia from the old days when lower bandwidth and worse software required dedicated algorithms to prevent skipping.

I don't believe that situation will last. Web technology is much more advanced, scalable, and cheaper. What we'll see instead if a split between downloadable MP3 on the public web and DRM-impaired Windows Media. The BBC and bloggers will go to downloadable MP3, MSNBC and Hollywood will go to DRM-damaged Windows Media, and Real will be left behind."

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Seeing where the jobs are...

  audio post

From: The Association Innovation Blog by Jeff De Cagna: "I am providing you with a link to the article in the New York Times, and to the chart itself. Please note that these items will not be up there indefinitely and it you may need to register with The New York Times site in order to access all of its content."

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