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Search engines try to find their sound

CNET - News.Com: Search engines try to find their sound: "Where it gets cool is if you could search on any keyword and find it within audio and that audio would come up in search results," Webster said. "But I don't think we're there yet."

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Coming soon from Linksys

Engadget: Coming soon from Linksys. Linksys Range Expander

"The Wireless Weblog got the inside scoop on a whole bunch of new wireless networking gear coming from Linksys later this year. ...

  • The NSLU2 Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives, which lets you connect a USB device(!) like a hard drive to a home network over Ethernet. Should be out next month..."

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A step down memory lane

Boing Boing: Audio tour of the MacPlus. "Patrick sez, "Digging through his cassette tapes last weekend, this guy came across 'Macintosh Plus: A Guided Tour' and decided he should archive it onto CD for posterity (being a pack rat by nature). It's especially interesting in that it gives a good glimpse of the level of user education necessary at that point in Computer History: it patiently goes over how to interact with icons, how to use the mouse, etc..."

Put the floppy disk into the internal disk drive. Put it in with the metal end first...and the label up. Push it all the way in.
"For a real today-meets-yesterday experience, throw this on your iPod." 4.6MB MP3 Link "
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Jim's Big, Shared Ego

Joho the Blog: Jim's Big, Shared Ego. "The Boston Globe writes up the local band Jim's Big Ego because it encourages people to share the band's files. In September, they released an album under a Creative Commons license and it's been their biggest seller. In fact, Creative Commons and the band are holding a contest to find the most creative remix of their paean to mixing, "Mix Tape." One of the band members, Jim Infantino, talks about "community-based art patronage": "When you as a band act in good faith, you invite your fans to act in good faith." I love all this, but I so don't believe..."

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Napster: Boo! Rio: Yay!

Joho the Blog: Napster: Boo! Rio: Yay!. "At 3pm, I bought my daughter a Samsung-Napster MP3 player. Deciding among the indiscernibles, the Napster's ability to broadcast to an FM channel for wireless car connectivity sold me. At 7:30pm, I returned the Napster and got a Rio Karma. I had a bad feeling about the Napster from the moment I started installing the software. It kept adding layers and layers of cruft, forcing me to upgrade my Windows Media Player, bundling in a CD burner, forcing me to register at after window of incomprehensible files and DLLs until I wanted to scream that it ought to take... "

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