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IT Conversations: The Gillmor Gang

IT Conversations: The Gillmor Gang: There is a new audio series on IT Conversations called the Gillmor Gang. 

Steve Gillmor the Contributing Editor, of eWeek gang includes Doc Searls, Michael Vizard, Dana Gardner and John Udell.

In this premiere edition the gang discusses subjects such as Mesh networks, will IBM survive the next 100 years and Web services. 

In the following audioblog, we listen to Steve Gillmor speak about the Gillmor Gang and give a little background about the members of his panel/gang.


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Flickr annotated photos
Flickr -- the fantastic social image-sharing Web app from Ludicorp -- has added image annotation; you can draw boxes around bits of the photos you post and mark up the contents of each box. When a viewer mouses over the box, a tooltip pops up with the annotation. Super cool.


(via Kottke)

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Captain I think we have reached the beginning of Blogging 2G (and there isn't any looking back!!)

January 11, 2003: Audioblogging 2G: Does it need a Media Management Gateway? "With the use of modules in RSS 2.0, we can enhance the metadata to further describe the media type in the post. For static objects like stored images, audio and video the weblog could contain features like media rolls that point to say the last 10 audio files that have been stored on the blog.  This may make sense as keeping a busy blog can easily bury the media files.  Another feature would be a media search interface to the blogs management system that allows for quick searching."

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Blogging Union?

Scripting News: Dave has this new idea about forming a blogging user union: "Seated Odalisque, Left Knee Bent, Ornamental Background and CheckerboardHad an idea this morning after a discussion last night on blogging at a Food For Thought dinner, and relates to a discussion led by Jeff Jarvis at BloggerCon II. Now's the time for the users of blogging software to form a union. Separate from the ones who think $60 is too much, get serious, and start working with vendors to get what you want. In doing so, you will set an example for all other industries. This is the future of commerce. Users communicating with users, powerfully, and vendors listening carefully."

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Audioblogger is just the icing on the cake

Ryan Schultz: "I have to admit that I am quite impressed by the many new features offered by the newly-revamped blogger. And having free audioblogger posts is just the icing on the cake. However, I'd better check to see how much $$ it costs for a a long-distance call to the audioblogger phone number... "

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Big week for Audioblogging technology

If you haven't already noticed, this weblog now has a working Audioblogging roll from FeedSweep and a new ATOM XML feed.  The Audioblogging roll is created directly from the ATOM feed I get with my new Blogger account. Currently, I am using the Blogger account to create a pure audioblogging site that outputs the ATOM feed.   I tested posting to Blogger from using their web recorder and moblog feature and Audioblogger by phone.  All testing from each system posted right into Blogger and into the audioblog roll.  Now I can play with the best audioblogging tools of both worlds with the ability to integrate right into Userland Radio.  This is the best way, at least for the moment, in my opinion, to Moblog audioblogs dynamically into Userland Radio.  Can you believe that only two weeks ago all the pieces needed to glue this process together to do the above were not as readily available on the Internet as they are today?  This has been a big week for Audioblogging technology!!!

Who ever said you needed to go to a conference to hear about the latest technology must of said that before the days of blogging and audioblogging!!!  If I would of wasted any of my spare time this week with a conference I would not have had the time or energy this weekend to play with all the new widgets!!

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Service Call from Hell
First my audioblogging intro to the following audio link:
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The Samurai School of Appliantology: Service Call from Hell: "As you know, the air conditioner in Hell breaks down with annoying regularity. Many fine service technicians have tried to repair it--many have died. The Samurai's world-class reputation for his superb repairing skills extends even into the bowels of the underworld. The other day, a low-level demonic bureaucrat summoned the Samurai to Hell to repair their air conditoner. Naturally, I was not inclined to accept the job but, well, let's just say they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So, I hopped in my handbasket and took the highway to Hell. Let's listen to this rare audio clip of the Samurai practicing his enlightened repairing art while servicing Hell's air conditioner: "

this is an audio post - click to play

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