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In this audio post Chris Coppola talks about the press he is getting on his new film and the notion of royalty that keeps being talked about and what he is not into.

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Calling Hot Gun Spy

Claudius Flauberius: Calling Hot Gun Spy.

"In this conversation we discuss Al Gore's recent speech at an event hosted by, some presidential sporting mishaps, and the recent terror threat announcement."



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Gillmor looks deeper at Gates' comments about RSS

My RSS news reader is showing a couple of posts pointing over to Steve Gillmor's "Gates Paying Attention to RSS" article. 

Here is an interesting quote from Steve Gillmor on OneNote: "OneNote lets me record meetings and conversations and take notes in ink. Each ink note places a time-stamp in the file; click on the comment and the audio plays back from that point in the stream. Now, combine that functionality with Wi-Fi, the removable slate portion of the HP unit, the earphones from my iPod, and my Nokia 3650 camera phone. "

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Search as gatekeeper

Blueblog: Search as gatekeeper. "I absolutely agree with John Batelle. Being found is essential for any business, author, whatever. So preparing your you service, content for being found is a very good measure. I am a bit amazed that the search services do not give any guidelines for being found. "

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