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Listen to Current Awareness Happenings on the Internet by Marcus P. Zillman 

listen to marcus™ presents Current Awareness Happenings on the Internet by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Internet author, speaker, consultant and expert at the below sites:


LLRX Feature Article Titled Deep Web Research April 26, 2004 [
Listen] [Site]

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Introducing Chas


Played with Frank Zappa ...."Songwriter, singer, musician.  I travelled with many top bands.  I have been signed with major labels.  The best was with Frank Zappa, Zak as I was allowed to call him.  My material was weird enough to gain an overnight contract."

 Shady Rosy (Jazz/Blues Version)( 3:49 )

File this one under Crossover Jazz and/or New York Blues

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editor's pick

Introducing Janet Murphy

Janet Murphy The confident delivery and deeply felt way with a song, complete with dramatic synth backing and epic guitar lines, lead to comparisons of Janet Murphy with '80s Top 40 vocalists Kim Carnes and Bonnie Tyler.
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 Out of Step (6.27 MB)

File this one under Soul-Blues.

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 RACE READY: News From NASCAR And More
In this edition: Humphy Wheeler talks about the new All-Star race format, Jimmie Johnson returns to the site of his first win, NARA DirtCar on TV, and Dale Blaney Steve Boley interviews coming up. K-98.5 Waterloo, IA

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Introducing the "audioblogging food/feed chain"

I had been emailing back and forth with Eric Rice of  

about audioblogging integration into Userland Radio (which seems to always be the coming soon -feature of new audioblogging services) when the email conversation forked into an introduction and discussion about an online model for an audioblogging food/feed chain.  Thinking about such a model is interesting because from a developer standpoint it avoids the stuff everything into the one/same box publishing model we see today in online audio link integration with audioblogs and begins to define and add value to each level of a real online audio publication process.

Because the email conversation started to move and evolve around this new concept/model of an "online audio publication food chain" we thought it was time to bring the conversation online.

Let me start by being more specific about how I, an audioblogger would like to see the chain work.  I recognize I need to feed the chain at multiple entry points.  I also recognize I have different listeners that must be addressed differently with their needs in mind.  At minimum I need my audio links to enter the chain and feed other audiobloggers at lower levels in the chain and other audio listeners with different needs at higher levels in the chain.  Some of my audio links entered at lower levels will be heard by the average Joe listener as my lower links float up the chain outside my control, gaining value at every level by others in the chain.  Other audio links of mine will never reach the top but still add value to the overall chain and process.  Let's start the discussion by putting the audio links into 3 unique boxes.

1) "raw" aggregated audiolink feed (RSS and ATOM feed advertised by javascript audio roll in weblog) - Links to all my latest (last 10) audioblogging files - including my own created audio files and others I like and linked to - not all entries need to have complete metadata in this feed
2) Weblog audioblog presentation - audio links selected from 1 and presented with weblog viewers (webrowsers and news viewers) and search engines in mind - with RSS/ATOM feeds
3) Filtered audiolink feed (RSS and ATOM advertised by javascript audio roll in weblog) - audio files I selected from 1 and presented with audio listeners in mind

Note: I select what I want from 1 for 2 and 3 and add the value to the specific presentation level.  I would like to have the potential to choose from the 1's or 3's (not both - raw or filtered) of other audioblogers to also feed my 1 (which if selected could feed my 2 and 3).

In the model above 1,2 and 3 feed totally different kinds of listeners with different agendas in the chain, but all have the potential to find some of the same audio files in totally different ways.

I don't mean to make the process more complicated then it needs to be. I just wanted to illustrate how audioblogging services like can enhance a world of linked audio by defining the levels and value in the chain.

By using RSS and ATOM feeds (and a javascript on the weblog side), could do #1 and maybe #3 for all weblog software dynamically today including Radio. #2 can also be done today for all clients, Radio specifically by creating a Radio plugin.

Doing #1 with javascript audio rolls brings the moblogging - automatic feature to all weblog clients (including Radio) without the headaches and unreliablity of Internet server RPCs.  This model keeps the audio phone posts in the raw feed and weblog javascript roll (but still on the weblog) and out of the main weblog until it can be added with the proper presentation text that weblog post should have (in my opinion).

It would be also nice if I could import into my friend   directly from #1, #2 and/or 3.  I'm pretty sure if Eric got pure audio linked RSS feeds working with (or any other the other audioblogging services), Lucas would get excited about and possibly figure out a way to scrape the feeds with audio links into .  But I can't speak for Lucas, maybe he can comment here about the possibility in doing that or if he already has a way to import/scrape RSS/XML feeds dynamically in.

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