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Father of audioblogging

Wow!!  Lucas Gonze calls me the father of audioblogging.  Thanks Lucas.  What seems so obvious to most right now about putting an audio link into a weblog post was not the case 3 years ago.

Calling on Doc, Jeff and Dave

Eric Rice gives overdue props to Harold Gilchrist for being the father of audioblogging. Irish Eyes confirmed it. Now it's time for the alpha bloggers who gave it all to Adam Curry to kick in some meme-fu and help Harold get the credit he richly deserves. That means, most importantly, Doc Searls, Jeff Jarvis, and Dave Winer. Dear Doc, Jeff and Dave: you guys are fabulously wealthy in reputation, please use the blessings you've received to help right a wrong. Adam had the balls to create the first podcatcher, which is great, but Harold had the vision and patience to create audioblogging.

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My first Audioblog post

For the record, I posted my first official audioblog post on Sunday, January 13, 2002.  Boy has time flied by.  I had my son PJ also do an audioblog post that night.  He was only 12 then.  He is now 15 and a sophmore in high school.

It was right after the holidays and Userland Radio had just been launched .  I was thinking about the audioblogging idea for months.  My wife bought me an Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder for Christmas just for the purpose and then Userland Radio was finally released.  Bing! The parts I needed to pull it off finally came together.  While others were typing "Hello world" into this new tool called Userland Radio I was uploading and linking audio files in my Radio weblog posts.

I remember asking Dave Winer to help us upstream wav files.

Here's what I wrote in my first audioblog post:

I like this idea of adding radio to Radio.

Now what if all weblogs and stories were also available as audio files like wav.  Think of the cool apps that would come from this.

Sure could add alot of these on a minature mem card.

And for us commuters that travel 1 + hour each way to work, cool way to catch up things during that boring ride. 

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