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Podcasting's history "smoking gun" video

Here is a link to the video of my Audioblogging session at BloggerCon 1, October - 2003. 

If you watch this Audioblogging video you will obviously see that the demostration and explanation of Audioblogging (circa 2003) gives credit where credit is due, explains and illustrates the use of enclosures with audioblogs and exactly explains Audioblogging the way you hear Podcasting explained today.  Just a whole year earlier.  The IPod is even mentioned with it's tie to audioblogging and enclosures. 

During the session I even demostrated the use of a Window's Audioblog Catcher (yes complete working Windows program not a script) named Enclosure Extractor.  I still use the program today and it works as good as any Podcast catcher out there.

The day bloggers started to tell the story about the invention of Podcasting without it's ties to it's Audioblogging history is the day that blogging jump the shark in my books. 

Why is the blogging community letting this incomplete at the least story about the invention and origins of Podcasting continue?  Is it because the story is being told by one of it's own?  This sure sounds familiar doesn't it.

Based on this whole incident why should I believe that the integrity of bloggers telling a story is any better then the present host of story tellers?  More like this and your integrity takes the next spot under the National Enquirer and Star Magazine. 

Just because no one liked the name "Audioblogging" doesn't mean you can erase the history and it's contribution.  Sad!!! 

Sorry but I just needed to get that off my chest.

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I Just Can't Stay Away!!

Comment from yesterday's "Daily Podcast Picks":

 "I just can't stay away from your site. I have a free ebook (with audio) on Easy Podcasting coming out and I'll be citing you - should be out in the next few weeks. I'll be back tomorrow!"

Thanks and please keep coming back!!

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Daily Podcast Picks

This morning's list has another 10 new podcasts.  Enjoy!!

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* The audio player above is simple to use.  Just click the play arrow in the player to start a podcast or use the double arrows on the right to move to the next podcast. All podcasts decribed in player have show numbers and titles.  All show numbers in player match up with the show numbers described in the show list below.

1) SportsPod.BettmanDeclaresNHL.Dead.2-17-2005 (12.33MB; download) -- [2-16-2005, 14Min, 12MB]Gary Bettman barges in on the SportsPod's signature intro, to kill the NHL season. Cancellation of NHL season, and Tony Larussa's comments on Jose Canseco are discussed in detail. Get it all here! 00:00 Intro Adam Curry, Gary Bettman Announcement NHL Season Canceled, Man Points, Bob AJ, 03:35 NHL ... Source: SportsPod Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

2) RadioZoom #024 - 02.16.05 (14.73MB; download) -- Send audio comments and songs to Quick highlight as to why this episode took so long to come out, the upcoming newspaper article about my podcast, your emails, and three independent artists you need to know about. 32 minutes ... Source: RadioZoom Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

3) Miller Report - Bite Me Wednesday (21.70MB; download) -- It's Bite Me Wednesday!!! ... Source: The Miller Report with Dave Miller Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

4) The Phantomfeed 009 for 02-16-05 (11.54MB; download) -- Download The Phantomfeed 009 Show length: 25:12 File size: 11.6 MB 00:01-03:37 ~ Show opening 03:38-10:01 ~ Jen talks about shoplifiting kid 10:02-15:47 ~ Weather Randomizer! Phantomfeed exclusive feature 15:48-18:32 ~ Break 18:33-23:02 ~ Major Phantomfeed announcement! A show first! 23:03-25:12 ~ Show closing ... Source: The Phantomfeed Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

5) In the Trenches - 02-15-2005 (11.49MB; download) -- Oh man... so much to cover, but so little time. A quick shout-out to a couple of new IT Blogs, go check them out; Wordpress 1.5 has been released; Why you're hearing Doppler spots on this podcast; Some printer woes at work; and a Backup Exec issue with ... Source: In the Trenches Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

6) 02/16 "A Red-Faced Texan" TPC (9.91MB; download) -- 02/16 "A Red-Faced Texan" TPC - TPC - Russell S. Holliman ... Source: Treo Podcast Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

7) Podcast NYC: Pop Culture Rant #3 (13.09MB; download) -- Do you love Google like I love Google? Google is taking over the world one search at a time. And that's a good thing! Do your neighbors piss you off? Sometimes yes and sometimes no I'd bet. It helps to get it all out in the open. Are celebrities poised to screw up in 2005? You bet. Michael Jackson and Robert Blake are just the start of a surely disastrous year for Hollywood's privleged few. LISTEN AND GET A FREE GMAIL INVITE! ... Source: Podcast NYC - Pop Culture Rant Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

8) Podcast NYC: New York Minute #3 (4.66MB; download) -- This installment features an update on "The Gates" art installation in Central Park. Also, a look at the historical significance of several New York landmarks. ... Source: Podcast NYC - New York Minute Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

9) Tuesday, WEDNESDAY, Happy Days (8.94MB; download) -- Episode 50! I answer some email and share Podcasting Tip # 2. Get it here. Or subscribe to the feed below. Links: Steve (sent an e-mail) Link of the Day: Baby Name Wizard(still dead at time of posting - thanks BOB!) Sponsors: Barron Hosting ... Source: Jimmy Jett Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

10) Future Tense Podcast for February 16, 2005 (1.37MB; download) -- Chairman Bill Gates says Microsoft will provide its new spyware-scrubbing tool for free -- and release a new, more secure version of the Internet Explorer Web browser. Expect both this summer. ... Source: Future Tense Podcast feed for this recommendation episodes

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"podcast," "audioblog," and "blogcast" are synonymous

David Scott Lewis [IT E-Strategies, Inc. "Regarding podcasts, it's important to note that "podcast" is the trendy equivalent of "audioblog," which doesn't sound very sexy. One might say that audioblogs are like blog-based news or talk shows, and podcasts are a superset of audioblogs including musically oriented blogs (and perhaps vblogs). Think of audioblogs as "informational podcasts." To the best of my knowledge, I'm the first one to note this specific difference, so I'd rather play nice and say that "podcast," "audioblog," and "blogcast" are synonymous. However, Marc Canter verbalized that the term "podcast" is too specific to an Apple product line. Noting that there are indeed differences, I think "podcast" sounds better than "audioblog."  "

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