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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Late last night went uptown to the Odessa Diner on Avenue A for dinner. Even though this part of Alphabet City has been taken over on Friday and Saturday nights by the bridge and tunnel crowd it still has enough of the people that made it such a different part of town.

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I was reading up on the Tompkins Square Park riots and later forced eviction of the "squatter" from the park and the last words of one description of the post homeless park, "... is now a beautiful park and I can't afford to live anywhere near it." The last words of the WBAI tape (http://pdr.autono.net/tsp.htm) are interesting; someone yells out the anthem of most everyone, "die yuppie scum."

Even at close to 1 AM on a Sunday morning something must still be done. The Super of this small building on the corner of Houston and Allen is putting the garbage out on the curb for the early morning Sanitation Department pickup.

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