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Thursday, May 2, 2002

According to today's Scripting News, Dave is 47 today. From another earlier edition he said he went to Bronx Science. He is not much younger than me, (of cause "not much" is open to varying interpretations, mine being very loose) and I went to a high school in Brooklyn, but we both probably were on the same subway division, the Ind.
So in honor of his birthday I am posting some pictures I took early last year at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn.

Exterior of the car that ran on the D, E, F & GG. I do remember the cushioned seats, but not the polished exterior.

A picture named AEFGGout.jpg
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This one shows the side destination sign on the trains that ran on at least the D, E, F and GG.
A picture named Destination1.jpg
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