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  Tuesday 14 May 2002
ACCU meeting

San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor spoke to a small crowd tonight at the meeting of the local Silicon Valley ACCU (Association of C/C++ Users). Very interesting and scary talk, the way he correlated points about the erosion of our rights due to the combination of power- and money-hungry behemoths from Hollywood, Redmond, and Washington DC. DRM, DMCA, CBDTPA, CARP, .NET, Windows XP (phone home), CIA, NRO, and a congress, "president" and supreme court already sold to the highest bidder. Yecch, it's enough to make you want to move to Canada. (See for the explanation/expansion of a few of these acronyms.)

I wonder what forms the backlash will take. An "alternet" -- a reinvention of UUCP -- in case the NSA gets its way and manages to route all Internet traffic through their set of servers? A flow of creative talent out of the US, towards places where there are stronger alternatives to the RIAA and the equivalent film organizations?

Too bad so few attendees showed up. The turnout may have been partially affected by the spicy noodles get-together in Palo Alto, for Webloggers attending O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference. Or maybe ACCU needs a catchier name.

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm in San Jose (in what they used to call "the Golden Triangle" near North 1st Street). Next month's talk will feature Larry ?, giving a talk about C#.
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