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# July 12, 2004

Ooooh, "Wired" also picks up on Brian Feeney's Da Vinci Project, a Canadian competitor to Burt Rhutan for the X-Prize!

Michael Schumacher won this weekends British Grand Prix. It was a very good race but once again Ferrari and Michael were just to strong, they have now won 10 out of the 11 races this season. At least Kimi managed to beat Barrichello for the 2nd spot on the podium.

"Wired" expands on a previous article about "Mozilla" and "Firefox" extensions. I already use AdBlock, which is simply amazing, but after reading the article I think I'm going to try out tab extensions, mouse gestures and Super Drag&Go as well.

"Scott Young" picks up on Steve's post about the comment system in Radio.

I just want to point out that there are a number of changes and feature additions making it much easier to manage comments that are going into Manila 9.1 -- I am just not sure that they are going to help here, but will keep working on it.

Scott: could you elaborate on the feature additions going into Manila 9.1? Steve and I can do something about the comment system now, but I don't feel like having hours of hard work deprecated in a few weeks (months?) when Manila 9.1 comes out... Share your ideas with the community, then we can work together to find a solution.

"John Robb" announces a new virtual conference. This looks awesome, i've been reading a lot about the dangers of global guerillas and terrorism but very little about solutions. I will definitely be listening in.