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# July 23, 2004

My buddy "Nick" has a Weblog up for the 2004 OLS (Ottawa Linux Symposium). The guy who he calls Flash who lent him his camera is actually Me, Flash was my nickname in college.

Another great audio post by "Dave", my favourite bits are Ron Reagan's question to the presidential candidates and the long run of American deficits, very good brain food.

If you haven't listened to "Dave"'s earlier audio blog posts you can use this search to find them.

I must say that if I had to pick one reason i'm happy that we (Canadians) re-elected Paul Martin, it would have to be the fact that his government has been paying down the debt with budget surpluses since 1993 when he became finance minister.

"Steve" is still working on getting Radio into the XHTML/CSS world. One of his next targets: the WYSIWYG editor.

This is so important, most users don't (and shouldn't) need to know about the markup that controls the look of their site. But at the same time, these users shouldn't have to live with shody html just because the WYSIWYG editor spits it out.

It's a tough nut to crack, but it's essential if Radio is going to move forward as a blogging tool.

Practice report from Hockenheim.

Michael is once again on top, but Kimi is right behind him. Looks like we're going to get another great weekend of racing!

The race itself should be especially fun, as I will get to see it with my Dad, we've been watching and going to the races together ever since I could walk :)

"John Robb" comments on the 9/11 report.

From what I have heard on the news it sounds like they are calling for more top level beuracracy, just great, when what we need is innovation, they set out to slow things down as much as possible. How does a new intelligence czar help with the solve problem lack of imagination in the CIA and the FBI?