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Saturday, February 11, 2006

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Here's a report about the recent sale of water rights owned by Ground Water Appropriators of the South Platte, from the Fort Morgan Times. They write, "Sale of water rights owned by Ground Water Appropriators of the South Platte brought nearly $7 million Thursday.

"About 300 people attended the sale at the event center at Island Grove Park in Greeley, GASP manager Jack Odor said...

"The shares went for an average of about $42,000 each -- about 16 acre feet per share...

"Colorado-Big Thompson water used to go for $700 per unit (an acre foot in a good year). It is now ranging from $10,500 to $11,000 and has been as high as $17,000, he said.

"Area interests were able to buy much of the water, he [Phil Stadler] added: "I was pleased that a lot of the water was able to stay home."

"Notable exceptions were the city of Parker buying all available Morgan-Prewitt water and Brighton all available Burlington-Wellington water.

"GASP members voted in September to dissolve the organization, which has been providing augmentation plans in the South Platte basin since the 1970s.

"A Colorado Supreme Court case and state legislation ruled that the state engineer had no authority to approve augmentation plans and that such plans had to go through water court; that led to some well shutdowns and GASP's demise."

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On Friday, U.S. Representative John Salazar, asked the BLM to make sure that oil and gas development does not effect the watersheds for Grand Junction and Palisade, according to From the article, "Rep. John Salazar said a Bureau of Land Management official assured him Friday that no development will proceed on oil and gas leases auctioned off this week unless water resources are protected.

"Grand Junction and Palisade are protesting leases sold Thursday on thousands of acres in their watersheds. Grand Junction was outbid in its failed attempt to buy the leases on three parcels deemed crucial to its watershed.

"Salazar and his brother Sen. Ken Salazar, both Colorado Democrats, had asked the BLM to delay the sales over concerns of possible contamination.

"Sally Wisely, state BLM director, met with John Salazar on Friday and said leases won't go forward if water resources are in danger, Salazar said."

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