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Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Here's an article from the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald about the Big Thompson River and Horsetooth reservoir making the imperiled waters list.

From the article, "Earlier in the week, the state Water Quality Control Commission listed Horsetooth Reservoir for a decline in dissolved oxygen.

"The commission also listed a lower leg of the Big Thompson River that runs from Interstate 25 to the confluence of the South Platte River for ammonia; the river already is listed for elevated selenium levels.

"The latest impairments were mentioned in a report by Jeffrey Boring, monitoring program manager for the Big Thompson Watershed Forum.

"The forum held its eighth annual meeting in Greeley on Thursday, giving attendees an overview of the group's activities, programs and revised purpose. The nonprofit last year added protection of the river basin to its mission of education and monitoring and assessment."

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The owner of the land for the Southern Delivery System's biggest customer, the Banning-Lewis Ranch area of Colorado Springs, is holding up development by denying access, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

From the article, "A few days after the Colorado Springs City Council allowed construction to begin on Banning-Lewis Ranch, a Colorado Springs Utilities official said talks for a new reservoir on the site aren't going as smoothly as he'd like.

"Colorado Springs Utilities has acquired onethird of the land needed for the reservoir and hasn't been allowed onto the property to survey it.

"Bob Robler, project manager for the Southern Delivery System, described the situation as a 'stalemate,' while the ranch's main developer said he is working hard to resolve the situation.

"Robler called the lack of response unusual and said the lack of access makes the utility's job harder. Still, he said he isn't terribly worried because it's the developer who will suffer most if the reservoir is delayed."

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